Pay Paw

PayPaw Service 6/6 & 6/7 – Restored!

*Update 4pm June 7th*

Service has been restored

*Update 4:30pm June 6th*

The maintenance was not complete today. It will be extended through tomorrow Tuesday, June 7th.

On Monday, June 6, the Pharos PayPerPrint service will be taken down for maintenance. The down time is expected to be a full business day.

During this outage, printing will not be available.

The library will be open this weekend if you’d like to get your printing done before the expected maintenance.

PayPaw Offline January 10-11

*Update* Jan. 12 8am – PayPaw is back online.

Paypaw (which controls printing and photocopying) in the Libraries and across campus will be unavailable on Monday, January 10th and Tuesday, January 11th for maintenance and upgrades.

This affects both the Downtown and Dental campuses.

Pay Paw Update!

All new LSUHSC ID’s issued beginning August 2017 will have Pay paw capabilities automatically activated within 24-48 hours. In order to add money for the first time, students, faculty, and staff may use one of the Pay paw machines on campus, go to the bookstore, or add it online. With our secure Pay Paw Online Card Office, LSUHSC ID holders or their relatives may deposit money using a credit card online.

pay paw

Replacement ID’s will still need to be taken to the Bookstore to transfer Paypaw accounts.

Pay paw is a LSUHSC based transaction system that allows faculty, staff, and students to access, without cash, a variety of goods and service throughout the campus:

  • Vending machines at most locations

  • Food services in the Medical Education Building
  • Food services at the LSU School of Dentistry
  • MEB Atrium Coffee Kiosk
  • Health Sciences and Dental Bookstores
  • Copy and Printing Resources at many key locations (including the Dental and John P. Ische Libraries!)

For more information, check out the LSUHSC Pay Paw Services webpage or speak with a library or bookstore staff member!

PayPaw down Sunday – Monday, May 15-16

Auxiliary Enterprises reports:

Beginning at 12:00 AM on Saturday May 14th, and lasting until 4:30 PM on Friday, May 20th, migration work will begin on our Blackboard application. Blackboard is the system utilized to manage the Pay Paw declining card service. During this period Pay Paw processing will be sporadic across the entire campus and may affect the bookstores, wellness center, cafeteria, vending machines, copiers and printers. Even though Pay Paw payments will still be accepted during this period, there may be moments where certain readers will be down. It is advised that all Pay Paw users bring a second form of payment in the event a Pay Paw reader is not functioning. This migrations is necessary for our vendor to update our dated Blackboard system to the most current version available.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


PayPaw Services Scheduled Maintenance

PayPaw will be down for most of Thursday, May 14th for scheduled maintenance. All printers and photocopiers will be inoperable during this window. This outage will be campus-wide.

PayPaw & PayPerPrint

*Edit* All systems were back up by 10:15 am

Because of scheduled maintenance the PayPaw & PayPerPrint systems will be down across campus from 7 am – 10 am on December 1st.

Pay Paw Machine Working Again

The Pay Paw Value Transfer Station (VTS) located on the 3rd Floor of the John P. Isch?® Library is finally back in business.

Students, Faculty and Staff may resume depositing money onto their Pay Paw Cards or purchasing a guest card as necessary.

Reminder for new students: If you would like to learn how to format your LSUHSCID for easier printing, CLICK HERE.

PayPaw Bookstore Min.

The PayPaw Machine in the John P. Isch?® Library is currently out of order. Until the repairs are complete the LSUHSC bookstore will allow PayPaw users to add less than the usually required $20 minimum.

We will keep you posted on this matter. . . until then, thank you for your patience!

PayPaw VTS @ Ische

The Pay Paw VTS unit in the Isché Library has been down since the power outage on Saturday. We have no estimate for it’s repair.

Pay for Print Maintenance

Beginning at 8AM, on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 the Pharos Printing System will be non-operational due to scheduled server maintenance. The outage is expected to end at 1PM. *Edit* Maintenance was complete by 1:30 pm.

During this time, students, faculty and staff will be unable to add money to their Pay Paw cards or print from designated print stations.

PayPaw Vending Machine

Please bear with us as workers re-install our PayPaw vending machine. You can still print, but to add money to your card you’ll need to use the online form.

~Unit was placed back into service afternoon of July 15th~