EZproxy working again

UPDATE: The upgrade is complete and EZproxy is running as normal. However, if you encounter any troubles please contact us.

Original post: Off campus links that use EZproxy will be unavailable on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, starting at 7am due to a system update.

You can log in directly at some publishers’ sites using OpenAthens in the interim.

We will update when the update has been completed.

EZproxy login issues

If you are attempting to log into EZproxy by entering your LSUHSC-NO username and password in the barcode and PIN field, we are currently experiencing issues with that system.

You can log in using your LSUHSC-NO full e-mail address and password by clicking the first link on the EZproxy login page:

Screenshot of a login link

If you need help with this or any other Library resources, please contact us.

UPDATE: EZproxy available

UPDATE: The upgrade has been completed and all off campus links using EZproxy are working. If you encounter any trouble, please contact us.

Off campus links that use EZproxy are currently unavailable due to a system update.

You can log in directly at some publishers’ sites using OpenAthens in the interim.

Citrix and Library resources

If you are attempting to use any Library resources such as ebooks, journals, or databases, and have gone in through Citrix, you may wonder why you are are being asked to pay or you’re seeing something saying you need a subscription.

Even though you are in Citrix, you may still have to prove to publishers that you have permission to access the resources. Unfortunately, Citrix doesn’t always send that information along, so it’s important you use a link from the Library’s site or create one in order to guarantee you can get to what you should.

One key thing to look for is whether the link you’re following has “ezproxy.lsuhsc.edu” anywhere. If it does, then you’re good to go! If it does not, you may not be able to get to the resource you need. You can fix this, however, by running the link to the resource you need through our magical off campus link maker available here: https://libguides.lsuhsc.edu/openathens/offcampuslink. Then follow these instructions:

Screenshot of web page

If you need help with this or any Library resources, please contact us.

All e-resources available from anywhere!

This is just a reminder that all Library electronic resources are available off-campus. We have many walkthroughs that will help you log in wherever you might be:

  • Off-Campus Access: basic information about accessing resources
  • Off Campus LibGuide: includes tips to make logging in easier as well as information for those at hospitals and clinics
  • OpenAthens LibGuide: everything you need to know about logging in with your LSUHSC-NO e-mail account
  • Video Tutorials: step-by-step walkthoughs on logging in from off-campus, along with tips on using many of our resources

Know that we are here for you, so if you need any help please contact us.

New off campus login page

If you tried to log in today to any Library resources from off campus, you will hopefully have noticed that the page looks a little different:

Screenshot of page with login options

The link to log in via OpenAthens using your LSUHSC-NO e-mail and password is more prominent. If you would prefer to log in using your Library barcode and PIN, click the green bar to expand that option:

Screenshot of barcode and PIN login

If you need help with changing your password, PIN, or anything else, click on the blue Help bar and various options for assistance will appear:

Screenshot of Help options

More information about off campus access can be found in a number of places. We have a page with information including a video to help, along with LibGuides about OpenAthens and off campus access. If you have any questions about this or any other Library services, please contact us.

New off-campus tool: EZproxy Redirect

There is another tool now available for use when off-campus to help you access Library resources easily. The EZproxy Redirect, an extension for Chrome and Firefox, available thanks to the efforts of Tom Wambold, lets you re-load a web page with our EZproxy/authentication information so that you can get what you need.

Once installed, you will see a new icon by your browser’s address bar:

EZproxy Redirect icon in toolbar

If you go a web site such as ScienceDirect or Wiley Online Library, just click the icon and you’ll be able to re-load that page and then you will be directed to log in using either your LSUHSC-NO e-mail and password or Library barcode and PIN. After that, you will be able to access any Library-subscribed resources with no troubles!

You can download the EZproxy Redirect Chrome extension here, or if you prefer to use Firefox, you can download that add-on here. We also have videos that walk you through the setup.

This one will help you install and set up the Chrome extension:

This video will walk you through installing the Firefox add-on:

We hope this new tool will help you to get to resources more easily, but if you need any help please contact us.

If you need more information about off-campus access, we have a LibGuide that covers that as well.

We also have more videos covering many topics; those can all be accessed either from our Video Tutorials page or on our YouTube channel.

OpenAthens off-campus log in now available!

We are happy to announce that the Libraries now offer OpenAthens as an alternate way to get to resources when off-campus. With OpenAthens you can use your LSUHSC-NO e-mail address and current password to log in.

This new way to log in works with all Library resources. You will probably first see the option when going through a link from the Library’s web page or the Library catalog. The EZproxy log in page has changed to provide the ability to use OpenAthens:

From there you will see the LSU Health New Orleans log in page that you may be familiar with from webmail or Office 365:

Be sure to enter your complete LSUHSC-NO e-mail address (including the @lsuhsc.edu). Once you’ve done this, you will be logged into both the OpenAthens and EZproxy systems, so any Library link you follow that requires off-campus authentication should work with no trouble.

Another feature of OpenAthens is the ability to log in directly at a number of database, ebook, and journal sites. We’ve noticed that many of you have already discovered this option, but one thing to keep in mind is that not all publishers or sites support logging in through OpenAthens. We have a list of sites that support OpenAthens here.

If you have trouble using Library resources with OpenAthens, you may be having issues with your LSUHSC-NO password and/or account. You can use the LSUHSC-NO password change page or you may need to contact the Help Desk or your local computer supporter if you need more assistance with your account.

EZproxy is still available as a way to use Library resources. If you are affiliated with LSU Health New Orleans but are not assigned an LSUHSC-NO e-mail address, you may still be eligible for Library privileges. In those cases, you will need to use a Library-issued barcode and your PIN to use our resources.

More information about logging in off-campus is available via our new Off-Campus page: https://www.lsuhsc.edu/library/offcampus.aspx. There is also a new OpenAthens LibGuide that provides more information about this service: https://libguides.lsuhsc.edu/openathens.

For those who are in the hospitals and clinics, we understand that you deal with more hurdles than anyone, and OpenAthens may make your search for and use of resources a little easier. One example of this may be if you are having troubles accessing an article, it might be easier to log in at the journal’s site (if it supports OpenAthens) and get the article in a more direct way.

If you need any help with this new service or any other Library resources, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Introducing EZproxy for off-campus access

Starting today (November 15th), the Libraries will start transitioning to our new off-campus authentication system. We are moving away from WAM and will start using EZproxy. Many of you may already be familiar with EZproxy as it is used in most institutions throughout the state and the U.S.

The biggest change you will see is now being asked to provide just your Library barcode and PIN when accessing resources off campus:

EZproxy Login

If you currently have a Library account and PIN, you can log into EZproxy with no problems.

If you have a Library account but have not assigned a PIN, there is a link on the EZproxy login page that will direct you to create one. Also, a handout walking you through creating a PIN when accessing resources through EZproxy is now available.

During this transition time, you may still encounter links asking you to log into the WAM system. These will eventually be replaced with EZproxy, but it will take some time for us to edit everything.

A new LibGuide with information about accessing Library resources off-campus is also now available via this link.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please contact us.