Get a free digital LA driver’s license until the end of May 2019!

If you have a Louisiana driver’s license, get a free legal digital driver’s license, available for Android or iOS smartphones through the LA Wallet app.

It is legal to use for driving in Louisiana, and ATC has approved for all responsible vendors to accept LA Wallet.

LA Wallet will be free until May 31, 2019, after which the price will be $5.99.

For more information, go to

App to Stay in Touch

ask-a-librarian-iconThe Libraries can now offer mobile services (chat, email, etc) from the Ask-a-Librarian app; it is available from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

Our services can be discovered in 2 ways:
1. Either search for nearby libraries; we are currently the only ones using this service in Louisiana. (However there is a known bug with users who have Android 6/Marshmallow, so uncheck the location box if this is your phone/tablet.)
2. Or search for LSU.

You will find links for both Reference and the Dental Library.


Introducing VisualDx: A New Tool for Clinicians

Thanks to the School of Medicine Office of Student Technology, LSUHSC now has access to a new web-based clinical application designed to aid in visual diagnosis and patient education.

VisualDx?á allows point-of-care assistance for the user. The differential builder, diagnosis search, and medication search provide the information necessary to compare symptoms, visual cues, diagnosis, and treatment options. The VisualDx image bank contains over 25,000 medical images of diseases of the skin, hair, nails, eyes, lungs, etc. and shows variations by age, skin type, and stage.

You can watch a video overview of the application here:?á

Access to VisualDx is currently available through August 2014 for use on campus as well as off-campus for those with remote access privileges.?áSupported browsers are Internet Explorer 7+, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. VisualDx also supports mobile wireless devices with a 3G or 4G connection.

New Library Mobile Site!

The Library has a new mobile website. You can access the site through the “Mobile Isch?®” link on the homepage. When you go to the homepage (áon any mobile device, a screen will prompt you to select the Library Mobile Site. The site includes access to the library catalog (INNOPAC), some of our most popular databases in mobile format, electronic journals, research guides, the web chat with a librarian service, library hours, contact information, locations, and frequently asked questions. If you have any feedback about the mobile site, please e-mail

14 Android Apps for Scientists

BiteSizeBio blog has a new post on Android apps for scientists. From timers to tables to Twitter, if you use and Android device and spend time in the lab, you might find these useful.


Android medical app reviewers sought

iMedicalApps is seeking reviewers for Android apps- must be a medical student, resident, or practicing Physician:

iMedicalApps is hiring Android staff writers
We are looking for two Android staff writers to join the iMedicalApps team! You need to be a medical professional with strong writing skills and be able to contribute on a weekly basis. We offer monthly payment plans.
Find out more on iMedicalApps

Welcome back L3s & L4s! Check out these free Mobile apps

School of Medicine’s ?áfirst Senior & Junior block of the year for the began on Monday, July 9th. Before you head off on clinical rotations, download these free clinical apps ?áand feel a little more prepared.


Clinical summaries on over 3200 disease and conditions and over 800 drugs. Search by symptom. Email for a Serial number and installation instructions

Natural Standard

Evidence based information and comparative effectiveness for foods, herbs, supplements, health & wellness and integrative medicine. Search by brand name. Emailáfor a serial number and installation instructions

For the previous apps, download the free?áSkyScape?áapp on your phone, then insert your serial numbers from the library in Skyscape’s settings to download & access the resource.

Micromedex -?áMicromedex has 3 apps available for Android and Apple.

Micromedex?« Drug Information app?áis free for anyone and offers over 4500 drug search terms.

Micromedex?« Drug Interactions is a free-to-LSUHSC app requiring a quarterly password. You can find the password on our MicroMedex page under mobileMicromedex or emailáand we can send it to you. This app provides insight into: ?áwhy the drugs in question interact, how the results of those interactions will present in the patient and recommendations for monitoring patient outcomes.

Micromedex?« IV Compatibility?á?áis a free-to-LSUHSC app requiring a quarterly password. You can find the password on our MicroMedex page under?ámobileMicromedex?áor email?ááand we can send it to you.?áThis app identifies?ápotentially dangerous combinations,?áassists in interpreting conflicting compatibility results by identifying contributing factors such as the physical compatibility, storage, study period, container and chemical stability, and includes drug-solution compatibility results as well as drug-drug compatibility results when creating an admixture or administering via Y-Site. (APPLE DEVICES ONLY)

To find and install Micromedex apps, search for Micromedex in your smartphone’s app store.?áYou can find the quarerly password via our MicroMedex page under?ámobileMicromedex,?áor email?ááand we can send it to you.

Find more mobile apps on our Mobile LibGuide.


Top 10 free iPad Medical Apps

Just in time for medical internships to begin July 1st, ?áhas released a curated list of top 10 free iPad medical apps. Resources include AHRQ’S EPSS, MicroMedex, and MedScape. Notoriously missing is Why? Turns out they don’t even have a native app for iPad.

Check out the link for the entire list, short reviews and videos after the cut. (Users must ?álog in or create a free iMedicalApps account to view the videos, which this librarian finds highly annoying.)

Read more >

2 Minute Tips: Stat!Ref mobile

Online textbook provider Stat!Ref has just released an iPhone & Blackberry app, so you can read books on your phone.?áCheck out the video below for how to enable access. Android app is coming soon.
Stat!Ref Mobile video

Access Stat!Ref

2 Minute tips?áis a blog series where we bring you short video tutorials on various tools and resources in the library.

C’mon Santa light my Fire

Considering a Kindle Fire tablet/ereader for Christmas? Check out these reviews:

Kindle Fire Usability Findings
Review by Jakob Nielsen, usability expert.
Summary: Mobile web sites work best on the 7-inch tablet. Users had great trouble touching the correct items on full sites, where UI elements are too small on the Fire screen.

AmazonÔÇÖs New Kindle Fire (Guest Post)
Review by Susan Smith, librarian at Lister Hill Library, Univ. of Alabama – Birmingham.
Summary: “the Kindle Fire is fun and useful ÔÇô especially for entertainment purposes. For anyone not wanting to spend $500 for an iPad, I think this is a great alternative.”
(Thanks to Lin Wu for the heads up!)

ACLS apps for iPhone

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) refers to a set of clinical interventions for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest and other life threatening medical emergencies, as well as the knowledge and skills to deploy those interventions. Certification is a requirement for medical students as well as other health care providers like paramedics, nurses, respiratory therapists, clinical pharmacists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

A new review at looks at the ACLS Review App, a quiz app designed by a by Limmer Creative, a company founded by a paramedic and EMS veteran. Highlights:

The ACLS Review App by Limmer Creative offers high-quality quizzes based on the current AHA guidelines for the review of ACLS algorithms, representing a valuable resource for healthcare professionals ÔÇôincluding paramedics, medical students, physicians, and nursesÔÇô looking to master and/or acquire certification in ACLS.

Once certified, this app also represents a great refresher, but we also recommend users complement this app with iResus for assistance when practicing or executing ACLS algorithms.

iResus is an ACLS app developed by the European Resuscitation Council. A randomized controlled trial published in the journal Anesthaesia reported improved physician performance in patient simulations when using this app. The full iMedicalapps review of iResus is available here. iResus is described as a “must have” for quick access to resuscitation guidelines. Bottom line:

While definitely not a replacement for proper ACLS training and certification, we highly recommend downloading the app and familiarizing oneself with it for potential use in such situations.

It’s free, so why not download yourself and see?

ACLS iPhone Apps mentioned in this article
ACLS Review App from Limmer Creative – $3.99 on iTunes
iResus from Resuscitation Council (UK) – free on iTunes

Dynamed serial number expired?

Just a reminder that Dynamed serial numbers have a shelf life of one year. If you downloaded Dynamed to your smartphone about a year ago, it may be time to renew your serial number. (The app will tell you when your serial number has expired.)

Renewing is simple. Just email or call 504-568-6100 to request a new serial number and then enter it into the app on your phone.

More info on Dynamed:

Embryo app has NOLA connection

Embryo is new app for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad from the NLM. This app provides a collection of digital serial sections of early stage human embryos for mobile devices. Features include human fertilization videos, photo micrographs of early-stage embryo development, 2D and 3D digital images using visual stack dissections, and a pregnancy calculator.

Embryo is especially cool because LSUHSC-NO scientists were involved in it’s creation. The app is a collaborative project between the NLM, the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD), the Virtual Human Embryo Project at LSUHSC-NO and the National Museum of Health & MedicineÔÇÖs Human Developmental Anatomy Center.

The Virtual Human Embryo Project was developed in the early 2000’s as a collaboration between embryologist Dr. Raymond Gasser at LSUHSC and the Human Developmental Anatomy Center in Washington DC. Dr. John Cork at LSUHSC joined the project at its inception as the software developer with a special interest in 3D-reconstruction. The images generated from the earlier project provide the basis for Embryo.

More information and screenshots from iTunes.

Mobile AccessMedicine

AccessMedicine, the popular resource that includes the full text of Harrison’s Online, diagnostic tests, and much more is now optimized for your mobile device!
To log in, go to on your mobile browser and log in with your MyAccessMedicine user name and password.

Don’t have a MyAccessMedicine user name and password?
You can create one through the Access Medicine homepage. Simply select “MyAccessMedicine” on the right side of the screen and follow the directions.

Questions? Contact

Natural Standard’s new look

Natural Standard, an online database with evidence-based information about complementary and alternative therapies, has redesigned their website.

Natural Standard offers a variety of tools, including graded analysis reflecting the level of available scientific data for or against the use of therapies for a specific medical conditions, a symptom checker/differential diagnosis tool, medical calculators and patient handouts. “Bottom line” analyses offer succinct summaries on public health topics, genomics & proteomics, sports medicine and medical conditions.

Drug monograph from Natural Standard

Drug monograph from Natural Standard

A mobile version is available via for most devices. It is free for LSUHSC students, faculty and staff. It offers consolidated information on effectiveness, side effects, interactions, dosing, pregnancy, breastfeeding, historic background, practitioner accreditation, theory, and safety on a variety of drugs and natural therapies. Email for a serial number and installation directions.

Natural Standard can be found under Online Resources – N on the library homepage. It is available on and off campus.