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If you have a Louisiana driver’s license, get a free legal digital driver’s license, available for Android or iOS smartphones through the LA Wallet app.

It is legal to use for driving in Louisiana, and ATC has approved for all responsible vendors to accept LA Wallet.

LA Wallet will be free until May 31, 2019, after which the price will be $5.99.

For more information, go to

14 Android Apps for Scientists

BiteSizeBio blog has a new post on Android apps for scientists. From timers to tables to Twitter, if you use and Android device and spend time in the lab, you might find these useful.


ATTN: Mobile Dynamed Users

You can now register the same Dynamed serial number on up to 5 devices of the same operating system.
From Skyscape:

For example, if you have registered DynaMed on your iPhone, you can install it to your iPad using the same serial number. When you install Skyscape/DynaMed on the iPad, all of the resources that were registered to your iPhone are automatically installed. This behavior will also apply to the Android and BlackBerry platforms.

Serial numbers have a shelf life of one year, regardless of how many devices on which it is registered. Contact the library for a new serial number if Dynamed has stopped working for you.

Dynamed provides clinically-organized summaries with references for nearly 3,200 diseases and condition topics and over 800 drugs. It is available free to faculty, staff and students of LSUHSC.

Wi-Fi for Android

Wanting to use your Android phone or tablet to hop onto the LSUHSC wi-fi? These steps will guide you through the process:
ÔÇó OS has to be 2.2.2 (Froyo) or later
ÔÇó Go to Wireless & networks/Wi-Fi settings to manage any available networks and choose ÔÇ£LSUHSC-SecureÔÇØ from the list.
ÔÇó The authentication for the network is 802.1x, the EAP method is PEAP, and the Phase 2 authentication is MSCHAPV2.
ÔÇó From there youÔÇÖll be able to enter your LSUHSC user i.d. and password (sometimes the i.d. needs to be prefixed with lsumc-master\userid). After this information is entered, youÔÇÖll be authenticated to the network and it should show you are connected to the LSUHSC wifi.

MicroMedex available for Android

androidsMicromedex Drug Information is now available for Android phones.

We’ve previously mentioned the Drug Information app for Blackberry and iPhone way back in January 2010, it’s nice to see this drug information app for that *other* mobile operating system.

Mobile AccessMedicine

AccessMedicine, the popular resource that includes the full text of Harrison’s Online, diagnostic tests, and much more is now optimized for your mobile device!
To log in, go to on your mobile browser and log in with your MyAccessMedicine user name and password.

Don’t have a MyAccessMedicine user name and password?
You can create one through the Access Medicine homepage. Simply select “MyAccessMedicine” on the right side of the screen and follow the directions.

Questions? Contact

Mobile Clinical Orthopedic Exam

Looking for a mobile app to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries and disorders? Clinically Relevant Technologies has developed an application for both iPhone and Android which includes descriptions, demonstrative video clips, and references from the medical literature for over 200 musculoskeletal diagnostic tests.

What I like about it is that every test is referenced back to a clinical citation. Tests must meet three main criterion for inclusion:

1) The test must be described/referenced in a peer-reviewed medical journal
2) The test must be used in the evaluation and diagnosis of musculoskeletal pathology
3) The test would be performed by the clinician or as part of clinical evaluation (not include laboratory or diagnostic imaging tests for example).

At $39.99, this app isn’t the cheapest, but as iPhone App review points out, “an equivalent text would cost several-fold more and cannot offer the same portability and ease of use”.

For screen shots and more info, check out i Medical Apps.

Available for iPhone and Android platforms

Android Med apps

A new list of the Best Android apps for Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Professionals indicates that flashcards, games and glossaries are popular in the android app field. Don’t forget, you can use Skyscape to access Dynamed & Natural Standard with a serial number from the library.

Mobile Resources from the library.

Android medical apps



Have an Android phone? You can now download 3 free resources from Skyscape, a mobile medical information provider. Here’s the press release:

Skyscape is pleased to provide hundreds of trusted medical resources for the Android (Google) devices. This includes G2, G3, G4, MyTouch, DROID, and other smartphones which use the Android (Google) operating system.

We are offering you three valuable free resources – RxDrugs, Outlines in Clinical Medicine (OCM), and the Archimedes set of medical calculators with the Android Reader. The MedAlert service is also part of this installation, and you can easily add free MedStream channels (such as MedWatch and CDC Spotlights).

Your free products can be downloaded with Skyscape’s Android Reader by visiting using your phone’s browser.

However, my favorite android app is still Pull My Finger