Android medical apps



Have an Android phone? You can now download 3 free resources from Skyscape, a mobile medical information provider. Here’s the press release:

Skyscape is pleased to provide hundreds of trusted medical resources for the Android (Google) devices. This includes G2, G3, G4, MyTouch, DROID, and other smartphones which use the Android (Google) operating system.

We are offering you three valuable free resources – RxDrugs, Outlines in Clinical Medicine (OCM), and the Archimedes set of medical calculators with the Android Reader. The MedAlert service is also part of this installation, and you can easily add free MedStream channels (such as MedWatch and CDC Spotlights).

Your free products can be downloaded with Skyscape’s Android Reader by visiting using your phone’s browser.

However, my favorite android app is still Pull My Finger