SPH First Fridays: COVID19 & Why Epidemiology Matters

The LSUHSC School of Public Health hosts virtual lectures via Zoom on the first Friday of the month at 3pm.

In June the lecture will be: COVID19 and Why Epidemiology Matters, presented by Susanne Straif-Bourgeois with special guest Megan Sutton.

“On June 5, we’ll introduce you to Dr. Susanne Straif-Bourgeois.  A noted epidemiologist, she has been an often sought guest on television and radio for her take on the COVID 19 crisis.  Dr. Straif-Bourgeois will be speaking about what her experience with the current pandemic has taught her about the importance of epidemiology in general and how that shapes the future of Public Health from here on out.

We’ll also speak with Meagan Sutton, a recent MPH graduate from our school.   Megan has been using her epidemiology background to conduct routine surveillance and will continue to assist with projects in response to the COVID-19 pandemic through the Louisiana Department of Health.”

COVID-19: Acetaminophen not Ibuprofen

The British Medical Journal released a news item today, confirming the French Government’s assertion that ibuprofen seems to exacerbate the symptoms of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Website from LDH – Office of Public Health

For the latest accurate information, the Louisiana Department of HealthOffice of Public Health is maintaining a COVID-19 website.

It is updated 2x per day at 9:30am and 5:30pm.

Questions about COVID-19 now being answered by Louisiana 211 statewide network

Louisiana’s statewide 211 network is now answering calls about COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. This network is best designed and staffed to handle the large volume of calls from Louisiana residents who are concerned and who have questions about the rapidly-spreading virus.

Anyone looking for information about the COVID-19 outbreak can simply dial 211 or text the keyword LACOVID to 898-211 for the most current information about the outbreak as it becomes available.

More information is available on the Louisiana Department of Health website.