Carnival Hours

February 7, 2024 – The Libraries will have holiday hours over carnival weekend through Mardi Gras.

The Isché Library will close early or be closed from February 9th-13th; the Library will close at 5pm on Friday, February 9th and Monday, February 12th and will be completely closed Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, February 10th, 11th and 13th.

The Dental Library will close early or be closed from February 9th-15th; the Library will be closed on Sunday and Tuesday, February 11th and 13th and will close at 5pm on Monday the 12th and at 6pm, Wednesday and Thursday, February 14th and 15th.

Emergency Dental Campus Closure 1/26/2024

January 26, 2024 – the Dental Campus (including the Dental Library) closed at noon today because of a water main break. Stay tuned to see if the Library can open on Sunday.

Isché Library Closed 1/20/2024

January 19, 2024 – Due to an emergency repair scheduled for Saturday, January 20th, the Isché Library will be closed on this date. The Library will reopen at 9:30am on Sunday, January 21st.

The Library Commons will be open but only emergency power will be on, so limited lighting, HVAC and elevator service may be available.

LSUHSC Campus Closed 1/16/2024

January 15, 2024: Due to the expected icy conditions, the LSUHSC New Orleans Campus is closed on Tuesday, January 16, 2024. Hopefully the campus will reopen on Wednesday.

Library Commons Coffee Kiosk has moved

The coffee kiosk in the 3rd floor Library Commons, just outside of the Ische Library, has officially moved to its new home in the 3rd Floor MEB/AHN Atrium. For more information, please visit the Dining Services page:

Libraries/Campus Closed until Tuesday, January 3rd

Both the Dental and Isché Libraries are closed Tuesday, January 3, 2022 for the Winter Break Holiday. The Isché Library will reopen at 7:30am and the Dental Library will reopen at 8am.

While the Libraries are closed access to the Library Commons in the RCB continues to be open for all badge holders. And, of course, access to the subscribed electronic resources that is available online at all times.

Enjoy your winter break!

Isché Computer Lab

*Edit* The computer Lab was reopened at 9:30am on 1/3/2023

The Isché Library Computer Lab will be unavailable for the near future. Please check back to this blog for an update on when the Computer Lab will be available again.

If you are in need of a computer in the meantime, the Library Commons offers 24-hour access to three desktop computers. They run Windows and are equipped with the Microsoft Office suite of products. All have full internet access and can print to both Library print stations.

Both Libraries Close at 1:30pm 12/19/2022

Both LSUHSC Libraries are closed at 1:30pm for a division meeting and will reopen on Tuesday, December 20th at 7:30am (Isché) and 8am (Dental).

Early Closure 12/14/2022

Both Libraries are closing at 2:30pm today because of the threat of tornadoes. All other departments on campus are closing as well. Both Libraries plan to open tomorrow at their regular times.

Dental Library Temporarily Closed

The Dental Library closed today, August 25, 2022, at 10am due to the ongoing window remediation. We expect to re-open around September 7, 2022. The print collection will be unavailable during this time.
Please contact us at or use the chat service on our hompage if you need assistance.
Thank you for understanding and your cooperation.

Isché Library Closing at 6 on 5/26/2022

The Isché Library will close at 6pm on Thursday, May 26, 2022 for emergency electrical repairs in the building. While the Library Commons may be open, it will be on emergency lighting only and will not have air conditioning until 10pm.

Sorry for the late notice.

Campus Closure 3/30/2022 @ 3pm

Another week, another round of bad weather. New Orleans LSUHSC campuses are closing at 3pm today.

Remember Library resources are available from our webpages. Both Libraries plan to reopen tomorrow at 8am.

Dental Campus Closed – 2/2/22 at 10am

The Dental Campus including the Dental Library is closed for the day. A water main that is receiving emergency repair by SWB New Orleans has shutdown water to the campus. The Dental Campus plans to reopen tomorrow at regular time.

The Dental Librarians and Dental Library Staff are available via their emails and chat, if assistance is needed.

Dental Library Closed

We are still available to help you with research and information needs!

The Dental Library is closed until further notice. We will reopen as soon as possible while the damages caused by Hurricane Ida are being repaired.

The library staff are working at the Ische’ Library and are available to answer your questions and fill materials requests. Please contact us through our email,, or chat with us, You can also call us at 504-568-6100 and ask for a dental staff member.

We will keep you updated with tenative dates for reopening as soon as possible.

Library Closure – Hurricane Ida

*Update 2* The Libraries will remain closed the week of September 6th. We hope to announce reopening soon.

*Update* because of the power situation in New Orleans, the Libraries will be closed until September 6th. Hope everyone stayed safe.

In anticipation of Hurricane Ida, the downtown Isché Library will close at 5pm today, Friday, August 27th. Both the Dental and Downtown campuses will be closed Saturday, August 28th through Monday, August 30th.

Hopefully all will be well, and we will reopen on Tuesday, August 31st at 8am at both the Dental and Isché Libraries.