Dental Library closure – Sunday, October 21st.

The dental library will be closed on Sunday, October 21st due to the scheduled AC shutdown.  All students are welcome to use the Isché Library on the downtown campus.  It is located on the third floor of the Resource Building, 433 Bolivar Street.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

NIH “All of Us” Program Stresses Patient Engagement

Thursday, October 11th Louisiana Health Sciences Center will host a traveling National Institutes of Health (NIH) exhibit. This exhibit is called,  “All of Us.”  LSUHSC is taking part in this nationwide research program that hopes to gather health information from a random sample of 1 million people.

Volunteers will share health and lifestyle information about themselves for research. The goal of the program is to shape the future of healthcare, fast track research, and improve the health of all Americans.

The exhibit will be located in the parking lot in front of the former interim LSU Hospital, 2000 block of Perdido St. (Between Perdido and Poydras Streets and South Prieur and South Johnson Streets) from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Make sure you come by and become apart of this exciting new program!

Downtown Library Closed – Saturday, October 13th

The Ische Library will be closed on Saturday, October 13, 2018 for AC maintenance. There will be no air conditioning in the building from 6am to 5pm. The Library Commons might be closed (or really hot) during this outage.

Downtown Campus Phones

*Edit* Phones have been up and down all day. If you get a busy signal, contact us a different way.

*Edit* All phones were restored at 9:30am.

All landlines on the downtown campus are currently down. To contact the Library, please use email or our chat service.

USMLE Practice Questions

The Library now offers 3 databases full of USMLE questions to practice for the USMLE Step exams.

Register for each one and begin taking practice tests. Questions are similar to USMLE questions on the Step exams.

Board Review Series Must set up personal login to activate the self-assessment quizzes.

BoardVitals Initial registration must be created On Campus with your LSUHSC email address. Once account has been created, off campus access will be available as well.

USMLE®easy Select Institutional Sign In Create an institutional student account. Start Practice


Board Review Series uses the same login as LWW Health Library, ebooks, videos, clinical cases, additional self-assessment questions.

BoardVitals uses a different login than StatRef, ebooks, Essential Evidence Plus.

USMLE easy uses a different login than the AccessMedicine databases, which include: AccessEmergencyMedicine, AccessMedicine, AccessNeurology, AccessSurgery, CaseFilesCollection

LSUHSC-Secure and UMC

If you are at UMC, please be advised that the LSUHSC-Secure network there is not the same as the LSUHSC-Secure that is available in the Health Sciences Center’s facilities.

UMC LSUHSC-Secure is not part of our network. If you attempt to access Library resources when on this network, you may have problems due to the restrictions placed on it. Additionally, since it is not part of our campus, you will not be authenticated as one of our users and will be unable to get to any of the Library’s subscribed resources.

We recommend using Citrix if you want to access Library resources when at UMC or any of the other hospitals and clinics. You may be asked to log in using your Library barcode and PIN, but the benefit is that you should not run into any issues with authenticating as one of our users.

If you need any other assistance with Library resources, please contact us.

October Faculty Publications

A new selection of spook-tacular articles has been added to the Faculty Publications display in the Ische Library. These eight articles, as well as all of the articles in our Faculty Publications database, are authored by at least one member of our research community here at LSUHSC-New Orleans. Each month the Library is proud to present copies of eight of these publications in a rotating display of 16.

  1. Celestin MD,Jr, Ferguson T, Ledford EC, Tseng TS, Carton T, Moody-Thomas S. Differences in treating tobacco use across national, state, and public hospital system surveys. Prev Chronic Dis. 2018;15E103.
  2. Diaz JH. A puff of spores. Wilderness Environ Med. 2018;29(1):119-122.
  3. 3. Forgues M, Mehta R, Anderson D, Morel C, Miller L, Sevy A, Son L, Arriaga M. Non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging for monitoring patients with acoustic neuroma. J Laryngol Otol. 2018;1-6.
  4. Iwuchukwu I, Mahale N, Ryder J, Hsieh B, Jennings B, Nguyen D, Cornwell K, Beyl R, Zabaleta J, Sothern M. Racial differences in intracerebral haemorrhage outcomes in patients with obesity. Obes Sci Pract. 2018;4(3):268-275.
  5. Nye MB, Osiecki J, Lewinski M, Liesenfeld O, Young S, Taylor SN, Lillis RA, Body BA, Eisenhut C, Hook Iii EW, Van Der Pol B. Detection of chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeaewith the cobas CT/NG v2.0 test: Performance compared with the BD ProbeTec CT Q(x) and GC Q(x) amplified DNA and aptima AC2 assays. Sex Transm Infect. 2018;0:1-7.
  6. Peacock LM, Young A, Rogers RG. Universal cystoscopy at the time of benign hysterectomy: A debate. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2018;219(1):75-77.
  7.  Tartavoulle T, Adorno M, Garbee D, Kensler P, Manning J, Pierce S. Predictors of success in BSN students. Int J Nurs Educ Scholarsh. 2018;15(1): 2017-0028.
  8. Taylor BD, Totten PA, Astete SG, Ferris MJ, Martin DH, Ness RB, Haggerty CL. Toll-like receptor variants and cervical atopobium vaginae infection in women with pelvic inflammatory disease. Am J Reprod Immunol. 2018;79(2):1-8.

Publications cited in the Faculty Publications database are harvested weekly from a variety of sources, such as PubMed, SCOPUS, and CINAHL, to name a few. In addition to articles they include books, book chapters, papers, editorials, letters to the editor, and meeting abstracts, all authored by at least one member of the LSUHSC-NO community. The database is maintained by Reference Librarian Kathy Kerdolff and is available to the general public here or via the Library’s webpage. For a PDF of a bibliography of this month’s additions, click here. If you have an article you would like us to highlight or if you have any questions regarding the display or the database, you can contact Kathy Kerdolff.

Please come to the Library and view these recent publications by our research community.

Discover more about Discovery: Limiting and other tools

Judging by the questions and other responses, we’re seeing that the Discovery/EDS Health tool is looking to be a big hit as a new option for finding resources. Since there is so much packed into this little box, finding your way around the search results may be a bit confusing and scary, but hopefully this information will help in navigating your search results by using limiters and other tools available in the service.

In this example, we’ve used the Discovery search box from the Library’s home page to search for the keyword agoraphobia:

In this instance we’ve received lots of results and many different options to access a variety of resources. There are, however, many tools available on the results screen to hone in on what you need.

First, since this search gave us over 67,000 results, you can start to pare down these results by year, type of publication, or a variety of options by using the limiters on the left of the screen:

If you use other EBSCOhost databases, such as CINAHL or Academic Search Complete, these limiters should look familiar. You can also choose to show only those results that are available in the Library’s collection or even specify the database where the results of your search have come from, like PsycINFO or Scopus. The options to refine a search change depending upon the search and the results, so be sure to look at the various choices available when you perform a search.

The right side of the screen provides various tools and other ways to complement your search:

There is a chat box to ask a question if you get stuck. You can also link out to PubMed, ClinicalKey, or select other databases; in the case of PubMed and CINAHL, your search term will be brought over and you will see the results in those databases. You can also perform a search of the Discovery service using the available MeSH or CINAHL subject headings that are suggested for that topic. Finally, if there are any matches for eBooks the Library has access to from EBSCO, a rotating display of those will be shown as well.

This just touches on the tools and limiters available through the Discovery service, so feel free to experiment with them and see how they affect the results for your search. If you get a little too enthusiastic, you can always start over by conducting a new search through the link at the top of the screen.

If you need any help with this or any other Library services, contact us.

What’s New?

The Libraries have been working steadily to acquire materials or tools that are useful to you! Since the summer we’ve purchased the following:

Stay tuned for even more…

Power outage-9/17 (restored)

*EDIT* Power was restored to the downtown campus at 10:41am.

While the power is out on the downtown campus, chat and phone service for the Library is also not available. The Library is still open, but there is no air conditioning nor access via the elevators, and the only lights available are emergency and lights from the windows. LSUHSC-Secure is still available as of now, so there is an Internet connection.

Ische Library Closed – Saturday 9/15/18

The Ische Library will be closed on Saturday, September 15, 2018 for AC maintenance. There will be no air conditioning in the building from 6am to 8pm. The Library Commons maybe closed (or really hot) during this outage.

Dental Library Closed – Sunday, September 9th

Due to HVAC maintenance, the Dental Library will be closed on Sunday, September 9th. There will be no air conditioning in the building on the 8th or 9th.

Discover more about Discovery: Searching

Many of you have already used the newly-released Discovery/EDS Health search tool made available last week. With the multitude of resources available from this service, there are also a number of options to perform a search. The types of searches available will depend on how you access it.

If you use the search box on either of the Libraries’ homepages or the Databases page, you are presented with a number of options:

The default is to search all resources by keyword, and that will provide the broadest results from all of the databases, books, and journals available through the Discovery service. One drawback, though, is that the keyword searching is extremely broad; it will pick up that term or phrase in any titles, abstracts, or other descriptions for each work.

There is a way, though, to limit your search for all resources to an author or title by using the pulldown menu at the start of the field:

If you select one of those other options, you will still be looking at all of the resources in the Discovery service, but your search will be limited to those fields for the term you entered.

You can further limit your search by choosing one of the other available tabs in the search box if you would like to just search for articles or available books. The Journals tab performs a search of the E-Journals & E-Books A to Z List, so it takes you out of the Discovery tool at this time.

If you access the Discovery tool through its Databases listing, the search screen looks a bit different:

This is the basic search screen for the service,  but it functions much like the search box above. The default is a keyword search of all resources. For those who use other EBSCOhost databases such as CINAHL Complete or Academic Search Complete, searching from this screen should be familiar and it functions much like the other databases. You can also choose to perform an Advanced Search from this screen to craft a multi-faceted complex search string.

Stay tuned for more tips on how to use the new Discovery tool, but if you have any questions, please contact us.

Sundays at 10 – Downtown!

The Isché Library is extending its Sunday hours beginning September 9th. The downtown library will now be open from 10 am to 12 midnight for the rest of the semester. The extension is in response to students’ requests but it is a pilot. If the hours are not used, we may switch back to our noon opening.

Libraries Closing 9/4 @ 5pm

The Libraries will be closed at 5pm today due to Tropical Storm Gordon.

For additional information regarding the campus wide closure, please visit  LSUHSC’s  emergency webpage.