Printing Unavailable Thursday and Friday, December 14-15

**Printing was restored on Tuesday, December 20th by 11am.

*Printing is still down as of Monday, December 19th. Hopefully it will be back soon.

Printing will be unavailable in the Libraries all of Thursday and part of Friday due to PayPerPrint server maintenance on the LSU main campus.

Research Poster Printing – Downtown

Research poster printing is now available at the Isché Library. This service is free of charge and is funded by the School of Graduate Studies. Please see the webpage linked above for more information or contact email to submit a poster.

Poster Printing Skeleton

Please submit posters at least 3 business days before they are needed; during high demand times (like before Research Day next month), plan for 4 to 5 days.

Pay Paw Services Down 8/6-7/19

Pay Paw services are currently down for maintenance. The maintenance and outage will continue for the next two days.

This temporary Pay Paw outage means that services like printing and copying will be unavailable, along with the ability to add money or pay using your Pay Paw account.

PayPerPrint Scheduled Downtime

The PayPerPrint system on campus will be down for 1 hour on Thursday, December 20th beginning at 1pm for scheduled maintenance. This affects all PayPerPrint systems across campus.

Pay Paw Update!

All new LSUHSC ID’s issued beginning August 2017 will have Pay paw capabilities automatically activated within 24-48 hours. In order to add money for the first time, students, faculty, and staff may use one of the Pay paw machines on campus, go to the bookstore, or add it online. With our secure Pay Paw Online Card Office, LSUHSC ID holders or their relatives may deposit money using a credit card online.

pay paw

Replacement ID’s will still need to be taken to the Bookstore to transfer Paypaw accounts.

Pay paw is a LSUHSC based transaction system that allows faculty, staff, and students to access, without cash, a variety of goods and service throughout the campus:

  • Vending machines at most locations

  • Food services in the Medical Education Building
  • Food services at the LSU School of Dentistry
  • MEB Atrium Coffee Kiosk
  • Health Sciences and Dental Bookstores
  • Copy and Printing Resources at many key locations (including the Dental and John P. Ische Libraries!)

For more information, check out the LSUHSC Pay Paw Services webpage or speak with a library or bookstore staff member!

New Printer in the Ische Library



The Isché Library has a new printer in the 3rd floor reference area, it prints only in black and white at a cost of 10¢ single sided and 14¢ double sided using only your Pay Paw card. Our new 4th floor printer does color and black and white printing, color is 25¢ a copy.

Campus Wide Printing

The Pay-Per-Print System will be unavailable on?áDecember 19th until the scheduled upgrade is complete. Please make alternative printing arrangements during this time.

*Update* The upgrade was completed at 4 pm. All printers should be back online.

Printing @ Ische

Printing can seem like a complicated process; however after you do it once youÔÇÖll be an expert! Below is the 4-step process:


Prior to printing, go to the bookstore to get your ID formatted in order to add money to it.


Purchase a Pay Paw card for $1 from the Pay Paw machine itself, located on the 3rd floor of the library.


Add money to your formatted ID/Pay Paw card by adding cash directly to your card through the Pay Paw machine or by doing so through the Pay PawÔÇÖs online system.


Sending a print job

When you print in either the Library Commons or in the Library, you will be asked to select a printer (3rd or 4th floor) and to give your print job a name and password. This is simply to identify your print job from others, so name it whatever you want. You can use the same name and password for multiple print-jobs. All print jobs are defaulted to black & white, single-sided sheets so please see specific instructions below for double-sided and color printing options.


Retrieving a print job

Go to the location you sent your print job (3rd or 4th floor print station). ?áSwipe your card on the card reader. Select your print-job name and press “Print.ÔÇØ Enter the password you created when you sent the print job. Your print job will be distributed and your card will be charged.


Single-sided = 10?ó per page

Double-sided = 14?ó per page?á(Select Preferences on printing screen, Click Finishing tab, then CHECK box by ÔÇ£Print on both sidesÔÇØ)

Color = 25?ó per page (Select Preferences on printing screen, Click Color tab, then UNCHECK the ÔÇ£Print in GrayscaleÔÇØ box)

**Note ÔÇô The Pay Paw machine only accepts dollar bills in increments of $1, $5 or $20.

Coins are NOT accepted.

Please stop by the Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor of the library for assistance.

Library printing and school-issued laptops

If you have a laptop issued by your school and you’re having troubles sending jobs to the Library printers on the 3rd and 4th floors, you may need to change the driver on your laptop. To do this, locate the printer properties and then change the selected printer driver to?áHP Universal Printing PS (v5.4). You can also contact the academic supporter for your school for more assistance, including receiving updated downloads with the proper drivers for the printers located in the Library.

Printing/Copying Price Increase

Effective May 21st, the cost of printing for black and white copies will increase 2?ó per page.
Color printing will remain 25?ó per page, for the time being.

Single-Sided ÔÇô from 8?ó to 10?ó
Double-Sided ÔÇô from 12?ó to 14?ó
Color ÔÇô 25?ó per page



PayPaw VTS @ Ische

The Pay Paw VTS unit in the Isché Library has been down since the power outage on Saturday. We have no estimate for it’s repair.

3rd Floor Printer

*Update*4p.m. The printer has been restored. Thanks for your patience.

We are experiencing technical difficulties with the printer on the main floor of the Isch?® Library. The problem has been reported and will hopefully be resolved in the near future.

Until then, please send all print jobs to the 4th Floor printer. You can designate color or black and white copies within the printer preferences before sending your print job.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Black and white printing

Now available on the 4th floor – black and white printing.

Last year a color printer was purchased for the library for the fourth floor. We’ve now upgraded that printer to provide both black and white and color print outs.

To set black and white printing on the 4th floor color printer, follow these steps:

1. Select the 4th floor printer
On the Printing screen after selecting Color Printer
2. Click on Preferences
3. Click on the Color tab button
4. Check the box marked Print in Grayscale
5. Click “Print”

Black and white printing is 8 cents a page, color printing is 25 cents a page. More info.

Happy printing!

4th floor Color Printer

Color printing is now available on the 4th floor print station. Color printing costs 25 cents/page.

For now, black and white printing will be available on the 3rd floor, while color printing is available on the 4th floor.

In the near future, you will be able to print both black and white AND color on the new printer on the 4th floor.