Printing @ Ische

Printing can seem like a complicated process; however after you do it once youÔÇÖll be an expert! Below is the 4-step process:


Prior to printing, go to the bookstore to get your ID formatted in order to add money to it.


Purchase a Pay Paw card for $1 from the Pay Paw machine itself, located on the 3rd floor of the library.


Add money to your formatted ID/Pay Paw card by adding cash directly to your card through the Pay Paw machine or by doing so through the Pay PawÔÇÖs online system.


Sending a print job

When you print in either the Library Commons or in the Library, you will be asked to select a printer (3rd or 4th floor) and to give your print job a name and password. This is simply to identify your print job from others, so name it whatever you want. You can use the same name and password for multiple print-jobs. All print jobs are defaulted to black & white, single-sided sheets so please see specific instructions below for double-sided and color printing options.


Retrieving a print job

Go to the location you sent your print job (3rd or 4th floor print station). ?áSwipe your card on the card reader. Select your print-job name and press “Print.ÔÇØ Enter the password you created when you sent the print job. Your print job will be distributed and your card will be charged.


Single-sided = 10?ó per page

Double-sided = 14?ó per page?á(Select Preferences on printing screen, Click Finishing tab, then CHECK box by ÔÇ£Print on both sidesÔÇØ)

Color = 25?ó per page (Select Preferences on printing screen, Click Color tab, then UNCHECK the ÔÇ£Print in GrayscaleÔÇØ box)

**Note ÔÇô The Pay Paw machine only accepts dollar bills in increments of $1, $5 or $20.

Coins are NOT accepted.

Please stop by the Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor of the library for assistance.