It came from the stacks…

Sometimes you just come across a book that calls out to be profiled in our semi-regular “It came from the stacks” posts. ?áThis book does just that.

The Toothbrush: its Use and Abuse, a Treatise on Preventive Dentistry and Periodontia as Related to Dental Hygiene?áby Isador Hirchfeld, D.D.S., F.A.A.P. is a comprehensive tome on the history of the toothbrush and oral hygiene from ancient times to the books publication in 1939, the role of the toothbrush in treatment of oral condition, oral conditions that the toothbrush cannot cure, tooth brushing methods, and even the qualifications of a satisfactory toothbrush. ?áIndeed, this book uses every one of it’s 591 pages to impart valuable knowledge to the reader about the lowly toothbrush.

Readers of?áThe Toothbrush: its Use and Abuse will find chapters with such riveting titles as:

  • “The Toothbrush in the Treatment of Suppurative Periodontoclasia (Pyorrhea)”
  • “Traumatization of the Soft Tissues by the Toothbrush” (so jam packed it takes two chapters to cover)
  • “Abnormalities of the Tooth Surface Induced by the Toothbrush and Various Other Agencies”
  • “Tooth Brushing Methods in Common Use”
  • “Care of the Toothbrush”
  • and… “Cleansing of the Tongue”

On a more serious note, this book really is fascinating but perhaps not as the author intended at the time of publication. ?áThere are a large number of pictures illustrating the author’s assertions and descriptions of oral hygiene techniques and materials that we would shudder to think of in the present day.

The Toothbrush: its Use and Abuse is available for check out in the dental library.