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Dental Library

Easter Library Hours

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs


The Libraries will closed for the Easter Holiday from Friday, April 18th through Sunday, April 20th. Additionally, the Isché Library will close at 8 pm on Thursday, April 17th.

Both Libraries will re-open on Monday, April 21st at 8 am.

It came from the stacks

While moving the dental books and journals we came across several books we’d like to tell everyone about in a series of posts in the continuing saga of “It Came From The Stacks” (insert foreboding music here…)

Our first book is a classic of dentistry from the Dental Library’s Old and Rare Collection.  This over sized book, published in 1844, is by Paul B Goddard and is titled The Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the Human Teeth; with the most approved methods of treatment, including operations, and the method of making and setting artifical teeth; with thirty plates, also known as “Goddard on the Teeth”.

Goddard on the Teeth

Goddard on the Teeth

When “Goodard on the Teeth” was published, it was described in a review in American Journal of Medical Sciences as a “practical treatment on the subject of the teeth”.  It is praised by the reviewer: “… the work is got up in the handsomest manner.  The plates are indeed the best specimens of lithography we have seen executed in this country.”  This book contains some remarkable images head and neck anatomy, microscopic structure of teeth. dental equipment, a four step pictorial description of extracting teeth using a key, and various forms of artificial teeth and plates, among others.

Goddard plate

This is a very interesting book that is exemplary of the beginnings of modern dentistry.  If you would like to take a look at it in person, please contact the Dental Library and make arrangements to come see it.  We’d love to share our old and rare treasures with you.

PubMed Beyond the Basics: Library Lunchtime Learning

The Dental Library staff hope you’ll join us on Thursday, March 13, at noon in the Copping Room (2309) as we discuss how to more effectively use PubMed through its more advanced search and citation management features, such as Clinical Queries, Medical Subject Headings, filters, citation matchers, and My NCBI.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP with an email to

Carnival Hours

Library Shoebox Float - 2010

Library Shoebox Float – 2010


Both the Isché and Dental Libraries will be closed on Mardi Gras day, Tuesday, March 4th.

Additionally, the Isché Library will be open the following hours this weekend:

  • Saturday, March 1st 9:30 am to 3 pm
  • Sunday, March 2nd 12 noon to 5:30 pm
  • Monday, March 3rd 8 am to 5 pm

And will return to normal hours (8 am to 10 pm) on Wednesday, March 5th.


The Dental Library will maintain normal hours (11:30 am to 8 pm) on Sunday, March 2nd and will be open 8 am to 5 pm Monday, March 3rd and Wednesday through Friday, March 5th to 7th.


Chat Service Expands Hours

The Ask a Librarian/Chat Box, available from the Libraries’ webpage, has been so popular since the?áJanuary redesign that staffing hours are expanding.?á

The Service will now be available for most of the hours that the Isch?® Library is open. Hours will now be 8:30 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Thursday, Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday 10 am to 5:30 pm and Sunday 2 pm to 9:30 pm.

Additionally, the Dental Library has it’s own?áAsk a Dental Librarian/Chat Box on it’s main page with staffing hours that match it’s opening and closing schedule.

It’s easy to tell if someone is available to answer your question by looking at the chat box.

Available / Unavailable

Available / Unavailable

Of course, Library Staff are still available for assistance in person, on the phone or by email, too.

Campus Closure – January 28th & 29th

Due to the chance of snow & ice tomorrow, LSUHSC will be closed for classes on Tuesday, January 28th.

The Libraries will also be closed; although will be open this evening until regular time (10pm for Isch?® and 8pm for Dental).

*Update* the campus will remain closed on Wednesday, January 29th due to a weather emergency.

For the latest information, check the campus emergency website.

Dental Collections Back in Place

The Dental Library’s?áshelving repair project, which required that all print materials be removed from the shelves, has been completed more than 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Staff from Dental and Ische have worked diligently over the past 3 weeks to remove?áitems?ábefore repair work began and?áreturn them to their proper places (ie, ?ábooks in call number order and journals are alphabetical).

The books are back in town

Ahead of schedule, the books section of the Dental Library has been set to rights, with shelving repaired and the collection back in place. The project will continue in the journals section of the library. An estimated completion date for that portion of the project is unknown. In the meantime, if you need a journal article from our serials stacks, please let the library staff know and we will locate it for you.

Where’d the books go?

If you’ve been in the Dental Library recently, you’ve no doubt noticed that there aren’t any books on the shelves right now.

empty shelves

We are in the middle of a large project to fix and reinforce our shelving units and in order for that to happen, we had to take everything off the shelves. ?áAlthough the books and journals are stashed everywhere but where they should be right now, we are open and ready to help you find the information you need. ?áIt just might take a little longer than usual.

stashed away

During this project, we will try to keep the noise to a minimum ?ábut there will be some inevitable disturbances. ?áFree earplugs are available at the circulation desk while we finish this project!

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

New Webpage for the Libraries

A new webpage design has been launched by the Dental and Isch?® Libraries. The new?ásite complies with the University design and fully integrates the two Libraries.

The new URL is All bookmarks to old Library pages will redirect to the new main page.

Please let us know if you can’t find something you’ve used in the past.

Happy 2014

Welcome to bright shiny new year! The Libraries are both open.

The Isch?® Library is open from 8 am to 6 pm Thursday, January 2nd and resumes normal hours on Friday, January 3rd.

The Dental Library is open from 8 am to 5 pm on Thursday, January 2nd and also resumes?ánormal hours on Friday, January 3rd.

Libraries are Closed until 2014

Palms in the Snow - New Orleans 12-25-2004

Palms in the Snow – New Orleans 12-25-2004

The LSUHSC Libraries are Closed for Winter Break. Both the Isch?® Library and the Dental Library will re-open at 8 am on Thursday, January 2nd.

Electronic resources and the Library Commons should be available during the break.

Have a safe & happy holiday.

Learn More About Scholarly Publishing in 2014

Do your New YearÔÇÖs resolutions for 2014 involve publishing research results, a unique patient case, or your opinion on the latest industry trends? DonÔÇÖt know the difference between peer review and editorial review? The Dental Library hopes to help you learn more about becoming an author on January 7, when Dental Reference Librarian Rita Premo will be presenting ÔÇ£Scholarly Publishing: The BasicsÔÇØ at noon in the Wirth Room (2203) in School of Dentistry Administration Building. Among the topics to be discussed are the structure of scientific articles and the role of each section, the importance of the abstract, the information and materials you may need for submission, how to begin once youÔÇÖre staring at a blank screen, and why you should always get your residentÔÇÖs forwarding address. Even if youÔÇÖre not interested in research publishing, join us and learn why writing skills arenÔÇÖt just for journalism majors.

Winter Break Hours

Snowflakes from


The Isch?® Library will be open regular hours through Saturday, December 21st. On Sunday, December 22nd the Library will be open from 11:30 am to 8 pm; Monday, December 23rd, it will be open 8 am to 6 pm.

The Dental Library will be?á open regular hours through Sunday, December 22nd. On Monday, December 23rd, the Library will be open from 8 am to?á5 pm.

Both Libraries will be closed until Thursday, January 2nd. On that day, the Isch?® Library will be open 8 am to 6 pm. And then will resume regular hours. The Dental Library will be open from 8 am to 5 pm.

Happy Holidays

Thanksgiving Hours


Both?áLibraries will be closed Thursday, November 28th through Saturday, November 30th. Additionally the Isch?® Library will close at 6 pm on Wednesday, November 27th and the Dental Library will close at 5 pm. Both Libraries will re-open on Sunday, December 1st at their regular times, 11:30 am for the Dental Library and 1:30 pm for the Isch?® Library.




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