Scanning on 3rd Floor Copier at Ische

The Isch?® Library’s new 3rd floor copier has a feature that allows you to scan to a flash drive or an sd memory card; the instructions for using this service are posted on the machine and it is free.

Library Photocopiers – PayPaw Only

The photocopiers in the Isch?® and Dental Libraries can no longer accept cash. They will only work with PayPaw from now on.?á This change was authorized by the managing department, Auxiliary Enterprises.

Printing/Copying Price Increase

Effective May 21st, the cost of printing for black and white copies will increase 2?ó per page.
Color printing will remain 25?ó per page, for the time being.

Single-Sided ÔÇô from 8?ó to 10?ó
Double-Sided ÔÇô from 12?ó to 14?ó
Color ÔÇô 25?ó per page