computer lab

Computer Lab Now Available for Online Student Testing

The Library Lab, located on our fourth floor, houses fourteen computers for student use. We are proud to announce that those computers are now enabled for use with Respondus Lockdown browser, which gives students the ability to complete online testing in a private browser.

Ische Computer Lab Closed on 11/11

The Isché Library Computer Lab will be unavailable for general use on Wednesday, November 11th from 8 am to 5 pm. The computers outside of the lab will be available; please check out a key from the circulation desk to use them.

Ische Computer Lab Closed Tonight

The Isché Library Computer Lab will be closed tonight (starting at 5 p.m.) so that outside contractors can clean the ducts for the HV/AC system. Computers outside the lab will still be available.

Ische Library Computer Lab Open

The Isché Library computer lab is once again available for student use.

Ische Computer Lab Closed

The Isché Library Computer Lab remains closed this morning because the carpet did not dry over the weekend. It will be reopened as soon as the carpet is dry and the tables and computers can be moved back in.

Ische Library Computer Lab Closed this Weekend

The Isché Library Computer Lab will be unavailable starting on Friday afternoon (Sept. 18th) through Monday morning (Sept. 21st). All the computers & furniture will be moved out so the room can get a thorough cleaning.

Computer Lab goes keyless

The archaic days of checking out a key to turn on a computer are behind us!

Beginning today, the computer lab on the fourth floor of the library is keyless. All you need to use it are a valid LSUHSC user ID and password. Stopping at the Circulation desk for a key is unnecessary if you plan to work in the lab.

The 8 computers outside the lab will continue to use key access for those patrons who either do not have a LSUHSC logins, or are having difficulty with their logins. To check out a computer key for those computers, you will still need a LSUHSC ID.

DO NOT save work to the computer. Use a flash drive or save to your personal drive on the network.

Computers are automatically erased every day. Anything left on the computer will not remain there the next day.

Computer lab use is expected to comply with the acceptable use policies as set forth under CM-42 – Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure. Failure to comply with these rules can result in revoked computer privleges. So keep it clean and work/school related, folks!