Computer Lab Now Available for Online Student Testing

The Library Lab, located on our fourth floor, houses fourteen computers for student use. We are proud to announce that those computers are now enabled for use with Respondus Lockdown browser, which gives students the ability to complete online testing in a private browser.

Google & the Flu

Google announced on Tuesday that it was launching Google Flu Trends which will combine flu-related searches that it receives along with information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to estimate flu cases in all 50 states. The CDC offers information on Flu Season for consumers as well as Seasonal Flu information for health professionals, parents, and teachers.

According to Google Flu Trends, incidence of the flu in Louisiana is still low. And they even offer a flu shot locator by zip code, courtesy of the American Lung Association.

EBSCOhost Running Slow?

If EBSCOhost is running slow for you, consider switching from IE to Firefox. Firefox is a free web browser and offers an alternative to Internet Explorer. EBSCOhost has some known issues with IE that are being worked on. These issues do not exist in Firefox.