EZproxy and Dynamed images issues

If you follow the Library’s link to Dynamed that routes through the EZproxy service, please be advised that images are not showing up for each topic now. This affects accessing Dynamed off campus or when on campus and connected to the LSUHSC-Secure wifi network.

Until this problem is fixed, you can access Dynamed directly using OpenAthens. First, go to https://www.dynamed.com and click on the person icon on the right of the page:

Screenshot of sign in page

Then, click on the “Sign in now” link:

Screenshot of login option

Next, click “Institutional OpenAthens” at the bottom of the screen:

Screenshot of login options

At the next screen enter “lsu” in box on the right and choose “LSU Health Sciences Center Library” when it appears:

Screenshot of login screen

Finally, enter your full LSUHSC-NO e-mail address and current password and you will finally have access to Dynamed!

We will update when we have more information about this problem with Dynamed and EZproxy, but if you need help with this or any other Library resources, contact us.

DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus

This summer the LSU Health Sciences Center Library upgraded from DynaMed, a clinical information resource to DynaMed Plus. The new, visually appealing database offers information in bullet points, topic overviews on drugs, diseases, and therapies. Due to the ease of the resource, it is often compared to UpToDate. Topics included in the user interface update daily. Operators automatically receive practice changing updates. The amazing tool links to 2,500 full-text articles; handlers get answers quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, consumers can easily download the DynaMed Plus app to use on their phones or tablets.

Dynamed and Mobile Access



Dynamed is a point-of-care resource for anyone involved with treatment of patients. It is available through our Databases and also as an app for Android and Apple devices. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the ITunes App Store. Once the app is downloaded, follow these instructions to authenticate Dynamed for use on your mobile device.

DynaMed instead of UpToDate

The LSUHSC Libraries support Dynamed, a point of care database that provides the best available evidence to support clinical decision-making.?á DynaMed is?áa comparable product to UpToDate and much more affordable.

While the?áLSUHSC New Orleans Libraries were never involved in the UpToDate subscription and had no access, we are hearing that it is no longer available from various hospital websites. We suggest you try DynaMed as the alternative.

ATTN: Mobile Dynamed Users

You can now register the same Dynamed serial number on up to 5 devices of the same operating system.
From Skyscape:

For example, if you have registered DynaMed on your iPhone, you can install it to your iPad using the same serial number. When you install Skyscape/DynaMed on the iPad, all of the resources that were registered to your iPhone are automatically installed. This behavior will also apply to the Android and BlackBerry platforms.

Serial numbers have a shelf life of one year, regardless of how many devices on which it is registered. Contact the library for a new serial number if Dynamed has stopped working for you.

Dynamed provides clinically-organized summaries with references for nearly 3,200 diseases and condition topics and over 800 drugs. It is available free to faculty, staff and students of LSUHSC.

Dynamed serial number expired?

Just a reminder that Dynamed serial numbers have a shelf life of one year. If you downloaded Dynamed to your smartphone about a year ago, it may be time to renew your serial number. (The app will tell you when your serial number has expired.)

Renewing is simple. Just email reference@lsuhsc.edu or call 504-568-6100 to request a new serial number and then enter it into the app on your phone.

More info on Dynamed: http://www.lsuhsc.edu/no/library/ss&d/data/dyna.html

DynaMed, MD Consult, UpToDate Smackdown

A new study from Australian Family Physician found “no clear ‘winner'” between DynaMed, MD Consult and UpToDate when it came to answering clinical questions.

You can read the full report free online here:

Honestly, I’m happy if you just use an evidence-based clinical resource instead of Google.

DynaMed: http://www.lsuhsc.edu/no/library/ss&d/data/dyna.html
MD Consult: http://www.lsuhsc.edu/no/library/ss&d/data/mdconsult.html