Habla Medical Espa?â??ol with your PDA

Here’s a neat application for your Palm, Pocket PC or Smartphone:

FREE assessment tools to health care professionals who are charged with treating non-English speaking persons in the acute medical setting. These assessments are intended for all levels of Spanish proficiency, but especially for those with little or no Spanish language skills.

This could be really useful to you clinicians out there. These handouts give you phonetical pronunciations and translations of simple Spanish terms & phrases encountered during the medical interview. Whether you need to know
?Le duele el pecho? (Do you have chest pain?) to El sufre a menudo de nerios? (Does he have a history of anxiety?), these handouts show how to ask the right yes/no questions.

All you need to use it is Adobe Reader for Mobile Devices (also free – download here). Once you have Adobe reader, just download the files you want and sync your PDA. To access them from your PDA just use the Adobe link on your PDA.

You can print out regular PDFs of medical Spanish AND listen to MP3 pronunciations on this site as well.
As they say in Spanish, ?é?íp?â?ísatelo bien! (Enjoy!)