5th Floor Noise and Relocation of Journals

There is a plumbing issue on the 5th Floor of the Library. As a result of the measures that will need to be taken to fix the problem, there will be a lot of noise and movement on the floor for the foreseeable future.

Journals have been relocated in order to accommodate the necessary demolition and repairs. If you need assistance retrieving a print journal for anything from Journal of Toxicology Toxin Reviews through Journal of Vascular Surgery or Tissue and Cell through Virchows Archiv, please ask Library staff for assistance.

Also, please avoid sitting in the immediate area as it will not be conducive to studying.

All of this has been caused by coffee grounds poured down a sink. The moral of this story, then, is to find more appropriate places to dispose of coffee grounds other than a sink because you never know what it might cause.

Coffee grounds being poured into a sink.