No Hot Water Downtown 2-9pm 3/31/2022

Message from the Facilities Department:

“On Thursday, March 31st, from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM, there will be a domestic hot water and heating hot water outage on the Downtown Campus affecting the Resource Center Building, Allied Health/Nursing Building, Lions/LSU Clinics Building, Dr. Mervin L. Trail Clinical Sciences Research Building, Medical Education Building and the Residence Hall Building.  During this outage there will be water pressure on the hot water side of faucets but the water will not be hot.  In addition, portions of some buildings may become cooler than normal during the outage due to the lack of heating hot water.  Facility Services will monitor temperatures throughout the outage.  The outage will not affect the hot water supply for any other building.  This outage is necessary for the Central Utility Plant FEMA Mitigation Project contractor to repair steam leaks in the Central Plant.”