Rose-Colored Glasses as a Cure?

A recent article published by HealthDay details a study on the use of specially tinted glasses for those who frequently suffer from severe migraines.

The study is based on the premise that ÔÇ£up to 42 percent of people who have migraines accompanied by visual “aura,” such as flashes of light, may benefit.ÔÇØ The tints are believed to prevent certain patterns of light that stimulate migraines.

Although this form of treatment is still in the research phase, I personally think these doctors are onto something. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder and three months ago she recently recommended tented glasses as a form of relief.

Coincidence or not, I am happy to say that the frequency of my migraines have dropped significantly. Sure, the super cool shades took a bit of getting used to but for anyone who suffers from constant headaches or migraines- you might consider talking to your doctor about this option of treament.