Inauguration History

The Library of Congress had created a history of presidential inaugurations page.

To watch today’s inauguration on campus, there are two choices:
The broadcast will be shown in the Medical Education Building, Lecture Room A, from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Classes will end at 10:45 AM. Due to the continuing construction on the 2nd floor of the MEB, please use the 1st floor to enter and leave the Lecture Room.

In addition to the Lecture Room, for those wishing to view the coverage from their computer, the broadcast will be available from our web servers at To view the broadcast, click on the preceding link using Internet Explorer on a computer with a wired connection. The broadcast will be available at the Schools of Dentistry and Public Health and all buildings on the downtown campus. The broadcast will not be available at the LSU Interim Hospital or via Citrix, VPN or wireless connections.” from an email from the Chancellor.