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J-1 Student Academic Training

J-1 Students with prior authorization may engage in Academic Training during and/or following completion of  their course of study. Written authorization from an RO/ARO must be obtained before beginning any Academic Training.


Academic Training is available for students who are properly maintaining their J-1 immigration status, and are in good academic standing (if during course of study).

In order to qualify as Academic Training, the proposed activity must be directly related to the J-1 Student's major or course of study (J-1 Non-Degree Students).

Academic Training may be paid or unpaid*.

*J-1 Students must always be able to document their ability to support themselves (and any dependents) and pay any applicable tuition or fees.

Time Limits: 

  • 18 months for Undergraduates and Pre-doctoral Degree students unless mandatory degree requirements exceed this time limitation OR equal to duration of course of study if less than 18 months.

  • Postdoctoral training is available for a total of 36 months or equal to course of study duration following receipt of the Ph.D. degree. Full 36 months is available if course of study is at least 36 months and provided no Academic Training has been used.

  • J-1 Students' Non-Degree Academic Training may not exceed the total length of their course of study (course of study is limited to 24 months including any periods of Academic Training). The primary purpose must remain study, not Academic Training. No exception for mandatory degree requirements is available.

  • All Academic Training used, even if at another institution or education level, is counted toward the total available time limits.

    • Example: J-1 Student completes Master's degree in 24 months, then uses 12 months of Academic Training. J-1 Student continues to PhD program and completes PhD in 48 months. J-1 Student then has 24 (6 remaining from Pre-doctoral and additional 18 months following PhD) months of Academic Training available following PhD completion.

Academic Training Request Form

Written Authorization will be provided in the form of an updated Form DS-2019 issued by the Office of International Services. Employment/Training may NOT begin before this document has been obtained by the J-1 Student and the start date indicated has arrived.

Academic Training authorization is specific. ANY change in circumstances surrounding the training must be reported to International Services in advance so necessary authorization updates may be made. Changes that are reported after the fact are not acceptable. Failure to receive appropriate authorization is a status violation and grounds for termination of the SEVIS record. See CFR 62.23(f) 

Academic Training hours are NOT counted toward the 20 hour per week limit for J-1 Student employment.

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