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The content on these pages is designed for use by LSUHSC-New Orleans sponsored students, exchange visitors and employees. It is not intended to constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for legal counsel.

Maintaining TN Status

In addition to the requirements of ALL non-U.S. Citizens discussed here all TN workers who are sponsored/employed by LSUHSC in TN status must comply with the following.

Failure to comply with the following will be considered violations of TN status.

Work Only as Authorized

TN workers are authorized to work only for the entity that sponsors their TN or whose job offer was used to obtain TN status. If LSUHSC New Orleans sponsors your TN, you are only permitted to perform work for LSUHSC New Orleans in the TN position reported to USCIS/CBP.

Occasionally, HSC employees may be invited to give a presentation or lecture at another institution or entity in exchange for payment. While it is permissible to do a lecture/presentation at another institution, and allow them to cover any expenses associated with the invitation, it is not permissible to accept payment of any kind from any entity other than LSUHSC New Orleans. Doing so is a violation of your TN status and will be considered unauthorized employment.

Adjunct/Gratis appointments at other institutions may also be considered unauthorized employment for TN workers sponsored by HSC.


For your benefit and to protect LSUHSC from liability for unauthorized employment, it is extremely important that you notify the Office of Office of International Services before there is ANY change in your position or duties. If your department would like to make any kind of change, notify OIS before any change occurs. Failure to do so may result in you performing work that is not permitted by your TN visa, a violation of your status and a liability for HSC.


In order to maintain your TN status, you must maintain your employment, as indicated on your TN petition/TN offer letter. If a TN worker resigns from their position or are terminated, they are considered out of status the day following their last day of work for their sponsoring employer. Any TN worker who remains in the U.S. after separation from employment is technically out of status and risks being considered an overstay (with resulting 3/10 year bars) unless appropriate filings have been submitted to USCIS.


As a TN worker sponsored by LSUHSC New Orleans you are authorized to work for LSUHSC New Orleans beginning with the start date on your I-797 Approval Notice or date of admission by CBP indicated on your I-94. You are authorized to work through the day on the end date indicated on your I-797 approval notice or I-94. Occasionally, CBP officers may include an unofficial ten day grace period, allowed for TN workers to depart the U.S., when they admit TN workers, and will indicate this on the I-94.Be very cautious about this.

For example, An TN worker is approved for TN status from 1/1/2012-12/31/2012 as indicated on the I-797 Approval Notice. The CBP officer at the port of entry marks the I-94 with an end date of 1/10/2013, ten days after the TN expiration allowing the grace period. Even though the I-94 indicates the person is admitted in TN status until 1/10/2013, the person is NOT authorized to work past 12/31/2012, the end date on their approval notice from USCIS. Working past this date, even inadvertently, is unauthorized employment.


If you leave the United States and re-enter with a passport whose validity is less than the TN approval period granted by USCIS, the CBP officer may limit your authorized period of stay to the date your passport expires. The date put on your I-94 card by CBP automatically changes your (and your TD dependents') period of authorized stay. It is mandatory that we are advised and provided a copy of each new I-94 issued to you so we can ensure you do not work without proper authorization and work to resolve any issues as soon as possible.