Kids’ Teeth Website Nearing Completion




Kids’ Teeth is a new website in development that will help families of children with special needs find information on the connection between their child’s condition and their oral health.  It was created by LSU School of Dentistry Librarian Julie Schiavo and Pediatric Dentistry Associate Professor Dr. Priyanshi Ritwik after they observed a lack of readily available information on this topic to share with parents at the point of care.

The website can help families decide when special-needs children need to go to a dentist and what to do to make seeing the dentist easier.  As well, health care providers can use the information on this website to inform and educate patients and their families about oral problems that are caused by common diseases.  There are currently ten topics that will be regularly updated and expanded in the future.

The website debuted at the recent annual ADEA conference in Chicago where it was received positively, and it will go live in a matter of weeks after further testing.  Feedback is encouraged, so make sure to complete a survey through the handy links on the website:

This project was funded by a grant award from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.