Update: Link resolver working in Web of Science

UPDATE: The link resolver is again working in both the new and classic versions of Web of Science. However, if you wish to use LibKey Nomad with Web of Science, you will need to use the instructions below on how to access the classic version.

The WebBridge LR link resolver is currently not working in both versions of Web of Science. This problem has been reported and we will update when the functionality has been restored.

The new version is now the default view for Web of Science and LibKey Nomad does not work with it now, unfortunately. With the link resolver not working in either version, getting to full text of articles is a bit more difficult, but you can still access the old version of Web of Science where LibKey Nomad works fine,

To get to the classic version of Web of Science click on the Products menu to the right of the screen; there you will see the link for Web of Science (Classic):

Screenshot of a database

If you need assistance with this or any other Library resources, please contact us.