5th Floor Project Diary: Upheaval

As the project to make room for the IT Data Center continues, please be aware that the events affecting a certain kingdom have now spread to the 5th Floor of the Library.

Gloom Hands were encountered this week near a stack of journals to be removed:

Photo of stacked journals with gloom hands imposed

As soon as this menace was handled, just around the corner another threat was faced:

Photo of row of journals with enemy imposed on picture

Your intrepid Library staff dispatched of these nuisances, but please be careful as you go about the floor.

Room continues to be made where the shifting of the journals progresses:

Picture of row of empty shelves

Please remember that as this project continues, there will be additional noise and a lot of commotion throughout the 5th Floor during weekdays.

If you have any questions about this or need assistance with any Library resources, contact us.