5th Floor Project Diary: Disappearing acts

For those who are new to campus or are returning from summer break, the 5th Floor is now home to a major project to remove over 30,000 bound volumes and shift the entirety of the remaining 90,000+ volumes to make room for a new IT data center. As our previous project diaries show, this continues to be an involved, chaotic, and, at times, very loud undertaking. There is an illustration at the top of the stairs on the 5th Floor showing what areas are affected and describing more about this project.

The past few days, though, have been ones to make magicians jealous with the quick disappearance of thousands of volumes.

Some may have been in awe of The Stack on the 5th Floor:

Photo of stacks of bound journals

By Tuesday morning, August 8, The Stack was no more:

Photo of empty tables

However, with an additional 7,000 or so volumes still needing removal, The New Stack will arise in its place.

If you have any questions about this project or need assistance with any Library resources, please contact us.