On Monday 4 February 2008 (Lundi Gras to us) the Ovid screen that you’re used to seeing changed.

Do not be alarmed. LSUHSC Librarians have looked at the new interface and our implementation of it should not cause you too many problems. Several functions have been moved to different positions on the Ovid screen, but the functionality you need remains.

One reason for the change is a new “enhanced” Basic Search screen, which facilitates natural language searching. LSUHSC users will see a screen similar to the one in old Ovid-also known as the Advanced Ovid Search. If you want to try the new Basic Search there is a tab for you to use.

Other new features include a ‘Find Citation” tab, an easy way to connect to Books@Ovid, and a new name. “OvidSP” refers to the new Ovid interface.

Want the basics? Spend ten minutes watching this OvidSP tutorial from the Whitney Medical Library at Yale University School of Medicine and you’re on your way to becoming an OvidSP expert.

As always, if you need help with the new Ovid, you can call us at 504 568 6100.