MLA 2008: Section Shuffle

The first-and-hopefully annual Section Shuffle was a resounding success! This drop in session aimed to educate MLA members on the various sections of the MLA, and what they had to offer. Attendees could vote on their favorite booth, and boy was it difficult to decide with all the candy, costumes and creative exhibits. As a special bonus, everyone who dropped by got 3 free trial memberships to the sections of their choice for the rest of the year. A great way to strike up interest and recruit new members, don’t you think?

Vet Med section
Veterinary Medicine Section

Happy Shufflers

plague doctor
History of Medicine plague doctor.

The History of Medicine Section took home the ‘best section’ award. But the veterinary medicine folks were so cute, they get runner up in this blog!

(Not included here was an awesome 3-D poster created by the Public Services Section, glasses included!)

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