Top 20 FREE medical iphone apps has updated their list of free top medical apps for iphone and raised the number to 20.

Top 20 Free iPhone Medical Apps For Health Care Professionals

The list is a mixture of news, point of care resources, and non medical but useful apps for iPhone and in some cases, iPad.

LSUHSC has an extended subscription to Micromedex, while the free app SkyScape also runs our subscription to Dynamed and Natural Standard. Email for install information.

Also listed is ePSS – a public health tool from AHRQ that displays screening measures derived from the USPSTF based on patient demographic information, and Doximity, a “Facebook for doctors” – for those that need yet another social networking service.

Bottom Line
Although it’s a little annoying to have to click through 20 pages to see them all, it’s a good list (and you can’t beat the price).