Shots 2008

Did you know? The CDC postponed publishing updates to the adult immunization schedule until January 2009, but the folks at Group on Immunization Education (GIE) of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine has updated their PDA-friendly immunization schedules. You can also find other resources such as clinical scenarios for teaching, online educational videos, and curricular materials.

4 Responses to Shots 2008

  1. Scott, Jack R. says:

    Where are the educational videos that you list? STFM or other site? Always seeking creative teaching videos clips for my workshops and faculty sessions. Take care.

  2. Scott, Jack R. says:

    Oh its no longer Daylight Savings for blog time.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I just finally remembered to change my office clock this week. I think I forget to check the hour and only look at the minutes.

  4. Thanks for your question Jack! Here’s a couple links I found from that site:

    Teaching Immunization for Medical Education (TIME):

    Family Medicine Digital Resources Library

    Clinical Scenarios

    The only video seems to be the CDC’s “Why flu vaccination matters”