LSUHSC-NO Authors Highlighted

The Isch?® Library has been maintaining a monthly display that highlights recent articles by LSUHSC-New Orleans faculty. This display is being regularly updated with materials that have been gathered into the Faculty Publications Database. The Database is maintained by the Isch?® Library as a prominent resource.

The newly added articles are located in the Isch?® Library’s Reference area (near the elevator) on the third floor of the Resource Center Building.

About the Isch?® Library’s Faculty Publications Database:

The Faculty Publications Database includes citations to papers, editorials, letters to the editor, meeting abstracts, books, and book chapters authored by at least one member of the LSUHSC-New Orleans faculty, 1998 ÔÇô present. Information in this database is retrieved from several sources, including: PubMed, ISI Web of Knowledge, SCOPUS,, CINAHL, PsycInfo and contributions directly from faculty members.

Access to this database is available to the public. To add your faculty publications, or for questions about this database, contact Kathy Kerdolff.

Please come and peruse these publications, which exemplify the ongoing achievements of LSUHSC-New Orleans’ first-class work in the health sciences fields.

Articles Newly Placed on Display:
(LSUHSC authors are in bold print)

Dietz KN, Miller PJ, Iyengar AS, Loupe JM, Hollenbach AD. “Identification of serines 201 and 209 as sites of Pax3 phosphorylation and the altered phosphorylation status of Pax3-FOXO1 during early myogenic differentiation.” International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 2011;43(6):936-45.

Fowler L, Manning J, Tartavoulle T. “Smoothing the transition from bedside to classroom.” American Nurse Today. 2011;6(5):45-46.

Jeanfreau SG, Jack Jr. L. “Appraising qualitative research in health education: Guidelines for public health educators.” Health Promotion Practice. 2010;11(5):612-617.

Karia VR, Haymon M-, Espinoza LR, Gedalia A. “Severe abdominal pain in 2 teenage girls.” Clinical Pediatrics. 2011;50(5):467-469.

Khoobehi B, Chiroli V, Ronchetti D, Miglietta D, Thompson H, Ongini E, Impagnatiello F. “Enhanced oxygen saturation in optic nerve head of non-human primate eyes following the intravitreal injection of NCX 434, an innovative nitric oxide-donating glucocorticoid.” Journal of Ocular Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2011;27(2):115-121.

Laborde JM, Weiler L. “Achilles tendon pain treated with gastrocnemius-soleus recession.” Orthopedics. 2011;34(4):289-91.

Sampath S, Keats BJ, Lacassie Y. “HPPD: A newly recognized autosomal dominant disorder involving hypertelorism, preauricular sinus, punctal pits, and deafness mapping to chromosome 14q31.” American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A. 2011;155(5):976-985.

Winsauer PJ, Molina PE, Amedee AM, Filipeanu CM, McGoey RR, Troxclair DA, Walker EM, Birke LL, Stouwe CV, Howard JM, Leonard ST, Moerschbaecher JM, Lewis PB. “Tolerance to chronic delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (?9-THC) in rhesus macaques infected with simian immunodeficiency virus.” Experimental & Clinical Psychopharmacology. 2011;19(2):154-172.