What is Walk Score?

Walkscore.com is a website that designates a number ranging from 0-100 to any address based on its “walkability.”

According to the website “Walk Score uses a patent-pending system to measure the walkability of an address. The Walk Score algorithm awards points based on the distance to amenities in each category. Amenities within .25 miles receive maximum points and no points are awarded for amenities further than one mile.”

The Walk Score for LSUHSC is 75. When compared against the rating chart (below)we see that LSUHSC is Very Walkable.

90ÔÇô100 Walker’s Paradise ÔÇö Daily errands do not require a car.
70ÔÇô89 Very Walkable ÔÇö Most errands can be accomplished on foot.
50ÔÇô69 Somewhat Walkable ÔÇö Some amenities within walking distance.
25ÔÇô49 Car-Dependent ÔÇö A few amenities within walking distance.
0ÔÇô24 Car-Dependent ÔÇö Almost all errands require a car.

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