New Additions to the Books Collection

The Library is highlighting 16 recent publications that have been added to the fourth floor stacks! For now, they can be perused on the New Books Shelf, which is on the third floor next to the internal elevator. And yes, they CAN be checked out!

  1. Bray, George A. Contemporary diagnosis and management of obesity and the metabolic syndrome. (2011)
  2. Meinert, Curtis L. An insider’s guide to clinical trials. (2011)
  3. Urman, Richard D. Moderate and deep sedation in clinical practice. (2012)
  4. Kandel, Eric R. In search of memory : the emergence of a new science of mind. (2007)
  5. Klyklo, William M. Clinical child psychiatry. (2012)
  6. Walls, Ron M. Manual of emergency airway management. (2012)
  7. Jensen, Gail M. Handbook of teaching and learning for physical therapists. (2013)
  8. Day, Robert A. How to write and publish a scientific paper. (2011)
  9. Perloff, Joseph K. Perloff’s clinical recognition of congenital heart disease. (2012)
  10. West, John B. Pulmonary pathophysiology : the essentials. (2013)
  11. West, John B. Respiratory physiology : the essentials. (2012)
  12. Gettings, Robert M. Forging a federal-state partnership : a history of federal developmental disabilities policy. (2011)
  13. Cui, Dongmei. Atlas of histology : with functional and clinical correlations. (2011)
  14. Sewell, Jeanne P. Informatics and nursing : opportunities and challenges. (2013)
  15. de Chesnay, Mary. Caring for the vulnerable : perspectives in nursing theory, practice, and research. (2012)
  16. Benner, Patricia E. Clinical wisdom and interventions in acute and critical care : a thinking-in-action approach. (2011)