Alone no longer: the story of a man who refused to be one of the living dead

A book new to our library adds to our collection of Hansen’s disease materials.

Alone no longer;?áthe story of a man who refused to be one of the living dead! By Stanley Stein with Lawrence G. Blochman. (1963)?á

From a 1963 JAMA book review:

Written for popular readership, this engrossing autobiography of a Carville patient chronicles medical and social progress in treating Hansen’s disease. The author, editor of the hospital newspaper, stresses the crusade to dissociate Hansen’s disease from the “leprosy” stigmatized in the Bible, and to eradicate the term “leper” with its odious social and moral connotations.

Stanley Stein was a Hansen’s disease patient at Carville from 1931 until his death in 1967. He established The Star in 1941, four years after he became completely blind. Alone no longer is his autobiography.

This book was generously donated by Dr. James Riopelle, and is available for check out in the library.