2012 Science Debates

Speaking of politics…

The National Academies Press has just released its guide to the 2012 Science Debates.

U.S. science and engineering organizations came up with what they believed to be the most important science policy questions facing the United States in 2012. In the end, 14 questions were posed to the Presidential candidates, and their answers were posted side-by-side at ScienceDebate.org.

NAP has provided links to the Science Debate questions, a link to the candidatesÔÇÖ answers, and set of National Academies reports on the topics.?á The 14 topics covered in the debate are Climate Change, Research & the Future, Pandemics and Bio-security, Education, Energy, Food, Fresh Water, The Internet, Ocean Health, Science & Public Policy, Space, Critical Natural Resources, and Vaccination & Public Health.

And remember, all NAP resources are available to download for free or purchase in print from NAP.edu.