Come and Check It Out!

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Come check out our new books display! In honor of both Breast Cancer awareness in October and Diabetes Awareness in November, we’ve showcased a few newer titles that may catch your interests. Join the cause of both the National Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and the American Diabetes Association in the quest to save lives!

Breast Cancer Awareness Books:
Minimally invasive breast biopsies. (QZ 206 R24 v.173)
Women’s health in clinical practice: a handbook for primary care, 9th ed. (WA 309 C625 2008)
Clinical gynecologic oncology, 8th ed. (WP 145 D63c 2012)
Contemporary issues in breast cancer: a nursing perspective, 2nd ed. (WP 870 D75c 2004)
Molecular basis of breast cancer: prevention and treatment. (WP 870 R92m 2004)
Breast cancer: the art and science of early detection with mammography. (WP 870 T11 2005)
The breast: comprehensive management of benign and malignant diseases, 4th ed. (WP 900 B61b 2009)
Medical management of pregnancy complicated by diabetes, 4th ed. (WQ 248 J82n 2009)
Maternity & women’s health care, 9th ed. (WY 157 L95m 2007)

Diabetes Awareness Books:
Nutrition counseling skills for the nutrition care process, 4th ed. (QU 145 Sn2n 2009)
Greenspan’s basic & clinical endocrinology. (WK 102 G85b 2011)
Diabetes in Black America: public health and clinical solutions to a national crisis. (WK 810 J12 2010)
Intensive diabetes management, 5th ed. (WK 815 Am3i 2012)
Joslin’s diabetes mellitus, 14th ed. (WK 815 J78t 2005)
Defining optimal immunotherapies for type 1 diabetes. (WK 815 N85 2008)
A practical manual of diabetic retinopathy management. (WK 835 Sc61 2009)
The diabetic foot, 2nd ed. (WK 835 V64d 2006)