Ische Elevator

The Isché Library internal elevator is out of order. And will remain out of order indefinitely while a part is ordered. Access to the 4th and 5th floors of the Library are via the staircase or the freight elevator with a staff escort. Check with the Circulation Desk for more information.

*Edit* 2/20/15 3:45 pm – And the elevator is back in action!

Elevators in the RCB

Elevators #3 & #4 will be out of service from Thursday, April 15th through mid-June, according to Facility Services. The elevators are to be modified for future flood issues. Plan on leaving the Isché Library a few minutes earlier to get to your next class or meeting.

Ische Internal Elevator Down

The Isché Library elevator will be out of service for the forseeable future. It is being upgraded along with the main elevators for the building. It was taken out of service on December 23rd.

Ische Library Internal Elevator

The Isché Library’s Internal Elevator will be taken out of service on Monday, December 22nd. It will be completely overhauled and will be put back in service sometime in January. The internal stairwell will be available for accessing the 4th & 5th floors. For patrons who are unable to use the stairs, check with the Circulation Desk staff for other options.

At the same time elevators #1 & 2 for the Resource Center will be taken out of service. So access to the Library will switch back to elevators #3 & 4 (closest to Tulane Ave).

Elevator Switcheroo

Because of the ongoing tiling, access to the Isché Library will be via elevators #1 & 2 again. These are the elevators closest to the Eye Center Building.

Additionally, the door to the Library will be inaccessible for a few hours while that space is tiled so a temporary entrance has been created adjacent to the regular door location.

Use Elevators #3 & 4

To access the Isché Library, please use Resource Center elevators #3 & 4 (the ones closest to Tulane Ave.). Elevators #1 & 2 are unusable for the next few days so that tiling can be completed.

Elevator #4

is the only one that will now travel to the Library. The other elevators will return to service once the Library Commons project is further along.