Notable Changes

2018 Benefits Annual Enrollment

The following notable changes will be implemented for the 2018 benefits plan year:

  • Coverage for Dependent Children
    • Natural or Adopted/Placed Children may be covered until age 26.
    • Stepchildren may be covered until age 26.
    • Grandchildren may be covered if the grandchild is unmarried, resides with the employee and is in legal custody of the enrollee. Coverage will continue until age 21. If the grandchild is a full-time student, coverage will continue until age 24. Student verification required.
    • Dependents who are unmarried and in court-ordered legal custody/Guardianship of the enrollee will be covered until age 21. If the dependent is a full-time student, coverage will continue until age 24. Student verfication required.
    • CHANGE NOT IMPLEMENTED AT THIS TIME/ON HOLD: Dependents who are incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental or physical impairment:
      • After 1/1/18, coverage for natural or adopted children and stepchildren will be terminated at age 26 regardless of impairment.
      • After 1/1/18, other non-spouse dependents for whom the employee has legal custody suffering from a mental or nervous condition rendering the dependent incapable of attending school or holding self-sustaining employment may continue coverage until age 24.
      • Impaired dependents of enrollees whose health coverage has been extended prior to 1/1/18 will be allowed to keep their coverage, subject to an annual review of their impairment status. 
  • LSU First
    • Premiums will increase by 6.8%.
    • The In-Network coinsurance will change to 80%/20%.
    • Brand Name and Specialty medications will be covered at 80%/20%, up to a maximum of $150, for a 30-day supply.
    • Rollover HRA will apply to First Choice providers and generic drugs.
    • Rollover HRA cap will be limited to 1 time Current Year HRA.
  • Office of Group Benefits
    • No health premium increases for 2018!
    • Magnolia Local Plus Out-of-Pocket Maximum will increase by $1,000 and Emergency Room Co-Payment will increase by $50.
    • Magnolia Open Access Out-of-Pocket Maxumim will increase by $1,000.
    • Prudential Life premium rate structure changing to age banded rates.
  • LSU Voluntary Benefits
    • Identity Theft Protection has been implemented.
    • Dental premiums will increase by 5%.
    • Long Term Care premiums will increase.
    • Current United Healthcare Life enrollees may increase their coverage by $10,000, up to 5X base salary or $500,000, without Evidence of Insurability (EOI). Current enrollees may increase spouse coverage by $5,000, up to $100,000, without EOI. Current enrollees may increase children coverage by increments of $5,000, to a maximum of $20,000, without EOI.
    • Healthcare FSA annual limit will increase to $2,650 and the enrollment deadline has been extended to November 15, 2017.