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Workers' Compensation

Need to fill a prescription? Below is where employees can access their First Fill card that will allow you to receive your injury-related prescriptions at your local pharmacy.

Worker's Compensation - First Fill Card

Workers' Compensation coverage is provided to LSUHSC-NO employees through the Office of Risk Management, Office of Workers' Compensation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Students of the university are not covered by this program.

All work-related Incidents and accidents should be reported in accordance with the Incident and Accident Reporting and Investigation Policy. Forms and instructions can be found on the Environmental Health and Safety Incident and Accident Reporting webpage.

All employees should be informed of their responsibility to immediately report to their supervisor and/or designated departmental liaison any occupational injury or disease, even if it is deemed to be minor.

When an occupational injury results in an employee being away from work for a period of seven (7) calendar days or more, the department must notify the Employee/Labor Relations office via telephone immediately so that they can file for compensation for  any lost wages the employee may incur.

If a serious injury occurs on the job, it is necessary for your department to notify Human Resource Management via telephone immediately. Remember, when an employee reports an injury or disease to a supervisor, it becomes the responsibility of the supervisor to submit the required forms as described above as soon as possible. Failure to report in a timely fashion may result in a $500 fine being levied against LSU Health Sciences Center. Your cooperation is needed to insure that no penalties are incurred and to ensure that employees' interests are protected.

When completing the Employer's Report of Injury/Illness (form DA 1973), please note that the hourly time must be indicated in blanks numbered two and three on the form. Also, if the employee has not returned to work at the time the form is completed, please indicate that fact in number four and telephone Human Resource Management the day the employee returns to work.

All bills associated with injuries covered by Workers' Compensation are to be forwarded to Human Resource Management promptly for further processing for payment.

To report an injury or to gain further information on the program, please contact the Human Resource Management Generalist at

Return to Work Procedure for Employees on Workers' Compensation

Job Analysis Form

Physician's Modified Work Information Sheet