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Vision Insurance and Dependents can only be changed during Annual Enrollment or due to a qualifying event.









Vision Insurance

The new EyeMed vision benefits are focused on providing you and your family value and wellness. With an EyeMed membership, you have the power to get exactly what you want - without settling for less. And what's more, vision coverage isn't just for those who need to see better. An eye exam can spot early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Not to mention cataracts and glaucoma. See it sooner, treat it sooner.

When you enroll with EyeMed and visit an in-network provider, you will have access to a comprehensive eye exam once every plan year for a $0 copay. You also receive a $150 Frame Allowance AND a $130 Contact Lens Allowance once every plan year. You can even use them in the same benefit period! Your plan also includes a $0 copay on Standard Spectacle Lenses, Standard and Tier 1 Progressive Lenses, and negotiated fixed co-pays on Premium Progressives Lenses once every plan year. As previously mentioned, you can use your Frame Allowance and Contact Lens Allowance in the same benefit period. That’s because your Contact Lens Allowance is in lieu of the Spectacle Lens benefits, and vice versa. That means you are entitled to a full pair of Glasses (Frame & Spectacle Lenses) OR Contacts and Frames (you would then receive a 20% discount off your Spectacle Lens purchase at retail price). At no charge, the following Lens Add-ons are available including - Tint, UV coverage, Scratch Coating, and Polycarbonate Lenses for children under 19. For additional coverage information, please see the EyeMed benefit summary.

Your new EyeMed vision benefits also come with an enhancement called Eye360! What is Eye360? You will still receive a comprehensive eye exam at no cost, and get an additional $50 towards your purchase of frames (a $200 allowance!!) when you visit an Eye360 PLUS Provider.

Let’s talk a little bit about the network! EyeMed has the largest vision network in the nation with the right mix of Independent, Retail and in-network Online options for you to choose from. LSU is on our Custom INSIGHT Network. This means we’ve built an even better network just for you! Just a small glimpse into what’s available – you will find your familiar local Independent eye doctors, Regional Retail Chains, and National Retail Chains such as LENSCRAFTERS, Pearle Vision, Target Optical and Walmart Vision Centers. As well as, in-network Online Options at LENSCRAFTERS, Target Optical,,, and As for those Eye360 PLUS Providers, you’ll want to visit participating LENSCRAFTERS, Target Optical and Pearle Vision locations. We are continuing to add Eye360 PLUS Providers so keep an eye out for the  - eyeball symbol with a plus  - when searching for PLUS providers on our provider search!

So how do you find a provider? Since you are on our Custom INSIGHT network, you can use LSU’s custom provider search link where you can search by zip code here: FIND A PROVIDER. Once you are an EyeMed member, you will be able to create an account and login at or on our EyeMed mobile app and access LSU’s custom provider listing from your personal account. As an EyeMed member, you will also receive a Welcome Kit that will include 2 ID Cards, a Summary of Benefits, and a Provider Listing where you will be able to see a custom list of the closest providers to YOUR home address!

EyeMed is committed to keeping money in our members’ pockets. That’s why we offer our members additional discounts, such as:

·       40% off additional pairs of glasses at any in-network location, any time throughout the benefit year

·       15% off retail or 5% off the promotional price of LASIK

·       15% off any balance over the contact lens allowance

·       20% off any item not covered by the benefit, including non-prescription sunglasses

·       40% off hearing exams and fixed pricing on hearing aids through Amplifon – plus Amplifon will beat any competitor’s lower price by 5%

You can access even more special offers 24/7 once you enroll and create an account on or on the EyeMed Mobile App. In addition to accessing Special Offers and Finding a Provider, our member web and mobile app allow you view your benefits and eligibility status, schedule appointments with participating providers, access your ID card, set refill and exam reminders, store your prescription, contact EyeMed, check claim status and more.

Whether you need glasses or can see just fine, vision benefits are for everyone since eye exams can help spot other health conditions.


Additional Benefits

Laser Vision Savings

As an EyeMed vision plan member, you have access to discounts on laser vision correction from U.S. Laser Network, including 15% off retail or 5% off promotional prices. Call 1-800-988-4221 for more information.

Hearing Aid Savings

As an EyeMed vision plan member, you have access to discounts on hearing exams and aids from Amplifon Network, Call 1-877-203-0675 for more information.