Medical Student Research Day a Huge Success

LSUHSC Medical Students who participated in the Summer Research Internship Program and learned laboratory and clinical research techniques used in medical research presented posters of their research results Friday, October 11th, 2019. Over the summer, students had been given instructions on how to write an abstract and were trained in presentation skills, including how to prepare and present their research results.  All the students were well prepared and stood by their posters ready to discuss, explain, or answer questions about their topics.

The 2019 winners of the Medical Student Research Day poster session are:

First Place (tie): 

  • Kyle LaPenna (Dr. Lefer):  “Development and Characterization of a Novel Small Animal Model of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction”
  • Adrienne Murphy (Dr. Miele) “Targeting Notch signaling in Cancer Stem-Like Cells of Triple Negative Breast Cancer”

Second Place (tie): 

  • Fallon Anzalone (Dr. Vance) “Transition of Pediatric Patients to Adult Sickle Cell Care”
  • Ryan Hoffman (Dr. Lau) “Prevalence of Accessory Branches and other Anatomical Variations of the Radial Artery”
  • Hayden Torres (Dr. Naljayan) “Evaluating causes of dropout in a large peritoneal dialysis program”
  • John Valentino (Dr. Simkin/Dasa) “Is poor bone quality associated with pain after total knee arthroplasty?”

Third Place (tie):

  • Jake Doiron (Dr. Wojcik) “Identification of host cellular target of the Zika NS2b-NS3 protease”
  • Ahmad Karkoutli (Dr. Arriaga) “The relationship between NF-2 associated vestibular schwannoma tumor size and the degree of hearing impairment”
  • Peter Morreale (Dr. Savoie) “Age is just a number: a case of multiple myeloma in a 29 year old male
  • Alex Robertson (Dr. Ronis) “Role of NOX4 Expression in Osteoblast-precursors in the Development of Alcohol-Induced Osteopenia”
  • Lauren Saunee (Dr. Marrero/Dasa) “Testing mechanisms and clinical outcomes of synovial fibrosis in total knee arthroplasty patients”

Below are some images from the event

Ahmad Karkoutli, Class of 2022
Raj Patel, Class of 2022
Kyle LaPenna, Class of 2022
Jake Doiron, Class of 2023