Introducing AccessMedicine’s Auscultation Classroom

The Library is happy to announce a new AccessMedicine feature: the Auscultation Classroom.

The Auscultation Classroom provides students with audio-visual animations of heart anomalies, as well as animated illustrations of the auscultation areas for each anomaly. Alongside the animations are text explanations of the sounds you’ll hear and where they’re best auscultated.

This is a great new resource for learning auscultation techniques and familiarizing yourself with normal and abnormal heart sounds.  

The Auscultation Classroom launched with six initial modules:

  • Aortic Regurgitation
  • Aortic Stensosis with Regurgitation
  • Innocent Murmur
  • Normal Heart Sounds
  • S3 Gallop
  • S4 Gallop

New modules will be launching in early 2020.

To access the Auscultation Classroom while on campus, navigate straight to the Classroom.

Alternatively, you can visit, click the “Multimedia” dropdown on the top navigation bar, and select “Auscultation Classroom” from the top of the dropdown list.

If you’re off-campus, access the Auscultation Classroom by first logging into OpenAthens and then following either of the processes above.

Mobile access is also available for AccessMedicine content.