FIXED: ClinicalKey access problems

UPDATE August 5, 2022: The problem has been resolved, so you can now use the Library’s link to ClinicalKey ( and should not have any troubles. If you do need help, contact us.

ORIGINAL POST August 5, 2022: If you are trying to access ClinicalKey using any link that has as the prefix, it is currently not working. This will affect all off campus access, as well as using ClinicalKey through the VPN, Citrix, or on campus when logged into the LSUHSC-Secure wireless network.

Until this problem is resolved, you can access ClinicalKey by:

Go to

Choose Login on the top right of the screen:

Screenshot of login screen

Choose OpenAthens login on the next screen:

Screenshot of login screen
Then enter LSU in the box to the right and click LSU Health Sciences Center Library:

If prompted, enter your full LSUHSC-NO email address and password:

Screenshot of login screen

We will update when we have more information about this problem, but if you need any assistance please contact us.