Upcoming changes to Refworks

RW logoRefWorks, our free Web-based bibliography and database manager which can format a paper and bibliography for you, has some improvements scheduled for the near future:

December 31st, 2011: “Classic” interface goes away. (This only matters if you are an old-school power user.)

January 2012: Group Code no longer needed to login to RefWorks off campus. (It will, however, still be needed to create a RefWorks account off campus.) FAQ

Spring 2012: Updated version of Write-n-Cite will be available.

The new version of Write-N-Cite will run on Word for Windows 2007 & 2010 as well as Word for Mac 2008 & 2011. You’ll get the same features on either platform, and sharing documents between computers is as easy as opening a file.

For questions or training contact Molly Knapp. RefWorks classes will resume in January.