RefWorks User Name Changes

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Just a quick update, some of our RefWorks users ?ámay receive an email from RefWorks-COS Support Services []?árequesting them to update their RefWorks username this week. (I did!)

This is legitimate – RefWorks is moving everyone to unique user names in order to simplify the login process. They suggest using your email as a new username, but that is not required. So if you’re like me, and use something like librarygrrrl42* as a username, well, go right ahead.

Any questions or issues about RefWorks please call Molly Knapp at 568-6100 or email

Full text of RefWorks email follows.

*not actual username

—–Original Message—–

From: RefWorks-COS Support Services []
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 2:34 PM
To: Knapp, Maureen
Subject: RefWorks Needs Your Help!

Dear RefWorks User,

We are asking RefWorks users – like you – who have the same login name as a RefWorks user at a different institution to select a new login name.

This change will enable us to streamline access for you and others by eliminating Group Codes during the log in process.

Changing your login name takes only a few seconds:

Log in to RefWorks

Click on the “Update Profile Link” in the upper right corner?á Choose a new log-in name (we recommend using your email address)

Thanks for your help!

RefWorks-COS Support Services