Link Resolver Tips: My NCBI

One way to see the WebBridge Link Resolver icons in PubMed is to follow the special link, but did you know you can also have the icons display when signed in to your My NCBI account? If you have a My NCBI account to use with PubMed and the other NCBI databases, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • When logged in to your My NCBI account, click “NCBI Site Preferences:”

  • Then look for “PubMed Preferences” and click on the link for “Outside Tool:”

  • Scroll down the list and select the radio button for “LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Libraries:”

  • Click “Save” and then you’re done! You’ll now be able to see the WebBridge Link Resolver icons whenever you’re signed in to your My NCBI account regardless of which link you may have used to access PubMed.

Don’t have a My NCBI account? It’s free and allows you to create e-mail alerts, save your searches, and customize numerous other settings to enhance your PubMed and NCBI database search experience. You can register for an account at

For even more tibits about the WebBridge Link Resolver, please refer to the LSUHSC Library LibGuides page with hints and basic info about the service.