Welcome Freshmen

Comic from a 1938 Tiger

Comic from a 1938 Tiger

The library extends a warm welcome to the School of Medicine, Class of 2016, which began a week of orientation today. ?áThe library has plenty of study space (and coffee!) as you begin your journey through undergraduate medicine.

Frequently asked questions about the library.?á

About the comic

This drawing appeared on the front page of The Tiger (student newspaper of LSU School of Medicine) on?áSeptember 16th, 1938. According to the paper, the freshman class numbered 121 students, the majority of which graduates of LSU. The required textbook ?áwas Osler’s ?áPrinciples and Practice of Medicine, 13th ed, a 1,472 page opus?áwhich you can still check out from the LSUHSC library today.

Other interesting facts:

“The class of ’42 boasts of three girls, namely, Nell Reiley, Alma Sullivan?áand Nell Campbell and all are unmarried….Oldest?áin the class is Scotch-born?áColin Campbell, while the youngest is George Zibilich, who registered for School at 17…. Dionesus Caccioppo ?áis the shortest man to register,?áwhile Teddy Dees and Jack Anderson divide honors for being the tallest, each being 6 ft. 2 3-4. in. tall. . . . Man Mountain of the?áclass is George (Pee-Wee) Degenurgent?áwho boasts of a 46 1/2 inch chest and tips the scales at 250 pounds. . . . Two Freshmen used red pencil to register…. Twenty men?áin the class are sons of M.D.’s.”

The Tiger was a student newspaper of LSU School of Medicine, New Orleans from?á1932-1940. You can read the full text online for free through the Louisiana Digital Library.

Do it soon though, because in about a week all you’ll be reading is Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy?áand lecture notes.