Faculty Works Featured in New Books Display

Twelve authors from several schools within LSUHSC-NO have recently had prestigious inclusion in important books and book chapters that are geared to those in the health professions. The Library is currently highlighting these on our New Books shelf:

  1. Campbell-Walsh Urology (2012: 4 vols). J. Christian Winters (Medicine), Christopher J. Chermansky?á(Medicine), contributors
  2. Clinical Laboratory Science Review: a bottom line approach?á(2011). Patsy C. Jarreau (Allied Health), author
  3. Clinical Work with Traumatized Young Children?á(2011). Joy D. Osofsky?á(Medicine), author
  4. Essentials of General Surgery?á(2013). John T. Paige?á(Medicine), contributor
  5. Essentials of Regional Anesthesia (2012). Alan David Kaye?á(Medicine), ed.
  6. Hernia Surgery?á(2013). John T. Paige?á(Medicine), contributor
  7. Health Policy: application for nurses & other healthcare professionals?á(2012; on reserve). Demetrius J. Porche (Nursing), author
  8. Medical Physiology: a systems approach?á(2011; on reserve). Michael G. Levitsky?á(Medicine), author
  9. Moderate & Deep Sedation in Clinical Practice (2012). Alan David Kaye?á(Medicine), ed.
  10. PilbeamÔÇÖs Mechanical Ventilation: physiological & clinical applications?á(2012; on reserve). Jimmy M. Cairo (Allied Health), author
  11. Pulmonary Pathophysiology: a clinical approach?á(2010; on reserve). Michael G. Levitsky?á(Medicine), Juzar Ali?á(Medicine), Warren R. Summer?á(Medicine), eds.
  12. Pulmonary Physiology (2013; on reserve). Michael G. Levitsky (Medicine), ed.
  13. Simulation in Radiology (2012). Hugh J. Robertson?á(Medicine), John T. Paige?á(Medicine), Leonard Bok?á(Medicine), eds.
  14. Textbook of Simulation: skills & team training (2012). John T. Paige?á(Medicine), contributor
Any of these items that are not on reserve can be checked out! Feel free to drop by and peruse them.