INNOPAC downtime – complete

An upgrade of the INNOPAC system will happen beginning at 9am on Tuesday, November 13th. The outage is expected to last 2 hours at the most. The library catalog and related services will not work during the upgrade.

Thanks for your patience.

*Edit* The upgrade was completed by 10:30am

Downtown Campus Phones

*Edit* Phones have been up and down all day. If you get a busy signal, contact us a different way.

*Edit* All phones were restored at 9:30am.

All landlines on the downtown campus are currently down. To contact the Library, please use email or our chat service.

Power outage-9/17 (restored)

*EDIT* Power was restored to the downtown campus at 10:41am.

While the power is out on the downtown campus, chat and phone service for the Library is also not available. The Library is still open, but there is no air conditioning nor access via the elevators, and the only lights available are emergency and lights from the windows. LSUHSC-Secure is still available as of now, so there is an Internet connection.

Ische Early Closure 8/3/18

The water in the Resource Center Building will be turned off from 6pm until 11pm on Friday, August 3rd. Because of the lack of plumbing. The Isché Library will close at 6pm.

Library Catalog Being Upgraded 7/31/18

The Library Catalog/INNOPAC is being upgraded tomorrow morning from 9am until 11am.

*Edit* 10am 7/31/18 – and we’re back up an hour early!

Ische Library – Early Closure 4/5/18

The Isché Library will close at 6pm on Thursday, April 5th because the water will be shut off in the building for an emergency plumbing repair. The Library Commons may be open, however restrooms and water fountains in other buildings will need to be used. The water is expected to remain off until 10:30pm.

Ische Circulation Desk phone

The main line for the Isché Library has been down since Sunday, January 14th. If you call, voicemail picks up. Please contact us on a different line or via chat or email. Sorry for the inconvenience.

*Edit* 10:10am Telephone access to 504-568-6100 has been restored.

Intermittent Wireless Access – 12/18/17 5pm

Wireless access on campus will be upgraded this evening starting at 5pm. Expect intermittent access for at least 30 minutes.

*Update* Maintenance was complete by 5:21pm

RefWorks Classic is back online, 10/30/17

RefWorks Classic (aka Legacy RefWorks) was not working this morning, but now it is back up and running.  Please let us know if you encounter any technical difficulties with this resource.

Off Campus Access – 502 errors (resolved)

*Resolved Wednesday, August 23rd at 3:15pm*

We discovered this afternoon that Off Campus access to PubMed and to all EBSCOhost databases is returning a 502 error. Our IT support is working to resolve the issue, but we will probably be without off-campus access for the weekend. The same error appears when trying to access the databases through CITRIX.

Titles of individual journals through the catalog appear to be working. Please contact the Circulation Desk at either Library for additional help.


Finding articles during system outage

Although we are hoping that our system will not be down for the bulk of the day, if you need an article during this time here are a few tips and an alternative to get articles during this downtime.

If you want to check whether the Library owns a journal, the E-Journals & E-Books A to Z List is a good source but only from on campus; unfortunately, the majority of links on the list will not work as they rely on talking with our system in order to get you to the journal.

If you have the author and title of the article you need, when on campus you can attempt to get to the journal using the CrossRef Free DOI Guest Search. When you use the “Search on Article Title” option, if a match is found you will be able to use the link to get to the article:
CR Guest Search

There is no guarantee that we have access rights to the journal, though, but this is a way to get to the article while our system is down.

Even though INNOPAC, the Library’s catalog, will not be available, Library staff will have other ways to get to journals and resources during this downtime, so please contact us if you need help.

INNOPAC Scheduled Maintenance 6/28/17

INNOPAC and off campus access to library materials will be down for a scheduled upgrade on Wednesday, June 28th. While we hope the system will be back up quickly, we have allowed an all-day window for this upgrade. The upgrade is expected to start at 5:30am.

INNOPAC upgrade

*Upgrade complete: 8:48am

We are currently upgrading our INNOPAC server and so that service is not available. We hope it will be restored quickly.

Update: Link resolver now working in PubMed

The link resolver being used for PubMed is once again working correctly.

If you need assistance with any Library resources, please contact us.

ScienceDirect access fixed

The issue with ScienceDirect has been fixed, so links in the Library Catalog, A to Z List, and link resolver should all now work correctly.

If you need assistance with any Library resources please contact us.